Chrome: Error loading data

I am not able to complete login in Chrome. I receive a generic error : “error loading data”.

Not sure at all what to do next.


Hi @ChicagoAndy!

If you can DM me your username I can look into your issue.

Dan :rachio:

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I have the exact same problem from my Windows 10 machine running Chrome v64 at work. I contacted support, but even after a couple weeks, the devs have been unable to reproduce the issue.

I do have AdBlock Plus enabled by default, but for this debug exercise, I had tried whitelisting and even completely disabling the plugin, but it still just gets me the ‘Error loading data’ message.

I responded to the helpdesk that it is not a “critical” issue for me, since the iOS app is running fine and so is Safari on iOS. Maybe there is some unknown blocker application on our work network, but I can’t explain why it only impacts Rachio’s site, and not my other IOT products (e.g Philips Hue, Ecobee, etc.)

Username is the same as here. However, it seems to be working today.

:+1: Awesome! let us know if you run into any other issues!

Dan :rachio:

Getting “Error loading data” in Win10 on Chrome & IE also in the Android app.
I have a Gen1 controller

Hi @Raven, are you still seeing the error?

Dan :rachio:

The android app is happy today but still getting “Error loading data” message if i use Chrome/IE/Edge browsers

Okay, I’ll run this through our support team and see what they find. Thanks for the feedback!

Dan :rachio:

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Having the same issue in Chrome on Windows 7 (x64). Tried using IE, but the website says I need to use Chrome or Edge.

We’re working on a fix and it should be included with the next release

Dan :rachio:

I am now getting this same error once again, I cannot access at all. Is this fix coming soon?

Hi @ChicagoAndy! Do you see the same issue if you try to access the app in incognito mode?

Dan :rachio:

I am having the same issue. App on andriod works fine but can not use the web version on chrome.

Hi @bhulverson! Same question, do you see the issue if you try to access the app in incognito mode?

Dan :rachio:

I just tried that with no success.

Yes, it’s broken in Incognito as well.

Opening my Network tab in Chrome DevTools, I see repeated calls to with HTTP Status 200.

@ChicagoAndy Could you provide a screenshot of your Network tab? That might be helpful in diagnosing the issue.

Dan :rachio:

Screenshot attached. Something definately not happy.

@ChicagoAndy the failed text usually implies the call is not getting to our servers. Can you determine if you have any blocked ports? (we use 444 for a lot of our communications)

Dan :rachio: