Checking In with our California Rachio Family

Hey @California Rachio fam -

We’re so sorry to hear about all of the wildfires affecting your homes and wanted to check in with everyone to see how you all are doing.

If there’s anything we can do for you, please let us know!

With love,
Team Rachio


Hey Laura

I am doing fine. Thank you for asking. I am 3 miles from one of the fires but well out of harms way.

I do have many customers that were in the path of the fires. 117 of them called me to activate their hillside pre soaking programs to give them a better resistance to the excess heat. They all survived. I have 21 customers thinking about getting a Rachio but decided to wait. 10 of them lost their homes and 11 called to get one as soon as they can get back to their homes that were lightly damaged.

Rachio ROCKS!!!

Thanks for sharing the Rachio family love.

I would like to send some :heart: back your way.

Best Regards and with Rachio :heart:



Hey Steven!

So great to hear that you and your clients are doing alright. I’m so saddened to hear that 10 of your clients lost their homes and 11 had any damage at all. I’m glad that you were able to give the rest of those clients some resistance to the heat! Amazing that a push of a button can give a little peace of mind, and even safety to those families.

As always, you’re a rockstar to us and your clients, and we’re so glad you’re okay!

Stay in touch :rachio:


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Dang, you manage that many controllers?!?!

Also do you tailor a “soak” schedule for each customer, or just a basic one that you throw on every controller?


I actually manage close to 700. The aforementioned ones are only in the recent burn areas.

I will actually write a program for the perimeter for each property that is in prone burn areas.

The program, nor the Rachio controller is intended to be a fire safety nor life safety device.

My program will wet the perimeter of the property to minimize burning of the vegetation.

I set the program to run every hour for short minutes just to keep things moist until the danger has passed.


Thank you. I’ve got family affected but they’re safe. We weren’t in any danger but definitely having to deal with the fine particulate smoke hazard. It’s still very dry here – haven’t shutoff the irrigation yet. That’s a first in a long time for this late in November!


@kubisuro, so glad to hear everyone is safe but so sorry to hear that your family was affected and that you’ve been dealing with the smoke. Keep us posted if there’s anything we can help with!