Fire Alert Activation and easier multi unit/multi user use

I live in the Mandeville canyon area of Los Angeles which is susceptible to brush fires during the dry season. It would be great to have a setting which would automatically cycle the sprinklers around the house in the event of a nearby fire or fire alert. I know this can be done manually, but the last time there was a brush fire I was in a different time zone and missed the alert. An additional fire safety feature would be the ability to make it easier for a single ‘super user’ to be able to cycle on several different units across multiple homes in the event of a fire, so even if neighbors are away, the neighborhood at large can still be that much more resistant to flying embers.

Hey @irbsail!

What a great feature idea! How do you get the fire alerts? Is there a way to set up an IFTTT recipe that will accommodate that?


Perhaps through weather underground ? I know they have a map of wild fires (EG

AWESOME! Thanks for the link :slight_smile: I’ll add it to the list of suggestions to look into!

@irbsail - check out this post by @spscoutenPhD where he pre-programs a soaking schedule.