Can you set one zone to override a rain sensor?

One of my zone fills my pond, to compensate for daily water loss/evaporation. I want to schedule 5 minutes of water per day, and have it ignore the status of my physical rain sensor. (This is because there is never enough rainfall to refill my pond, and if my pond doesn’t get its 5 minutes of water, it will start to run low.)

Can ignoring the rain sensor for a single zone or a single water schedule be done in the current software?

We do not currently support this.


You might want to hit up @a0128958
At Flex Schedule Zone to Keep Pool Full and see how his experiment is going.

Any chance this feature will be in the new release?

Hey @Ed3120-

Your request has been logged for the product team! I can’t give any insight to timeline or roadmap on this, but trust that we are listening and building. :cheers:

Out of curiosity, is there a reason you use a rain sensor instead of the Rain Skip feature that the software provides? In this scenario, you could enable Rain skip on the schedule with all of your other zones, and create a separate schedule for your pond without Rain skip. Just a thought- let me know!


Should I stop using the rain sensor? I thought it would be more accurate since it’s in my yard, as opposed to a weather station that is a few miles away.

You could always try! Some users stop using their sensor because they have a reliable weather station and there’s more intelligence built into the rain skip. However, no harm in having it considering how difficult weather can be to predict!

I think you’re missing the real use case here. I’ll be situations where a user has installed drip Irrigation for plants on a covered porch. In this particular scenario, the plants will never receive any rain and will always need to have Drip irrigation. Therefore the software should allow a particular zone to no one the rain skip feature.

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Hey @Williamtel!

On all but flex daily schedules, you can disable weather intelligence. Hope that helps :slight_smile: