Can I download my Watering History by zone?

Original Title: Can I download my Watering History by zone?
I know with IFTTT I can log to a google spread sheet each time the schedule runs, but can I log each zones watering time? I know I can see this in the history on the site but if there was an IFTTT auto logging ability or even the ability to download the history that would be helpful.

This will get you exactly what you need, just trying to finish it up :wink:


Those would be perfect, I will keep an eye on IFTTT for those recipes to appear.

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I am also interested in capturing the watering history log per each zone. It could simply include date, start time & stop time, zone name. This information will be great for me for additional offline calculations and correlation with other automation systems (well pump, power consumption and water meters). I have property with 24 zones enabled – with constant adjustments to the watering schedule it’s hard to troubleshoot why some areas of landscape not doing well since there is no easy way to look historically into specific zone. Also my well struggles and sometimes there is not enough water to properly keep the system watering. I would like to detect when that occurs based on water meter reads and electrical well pump log.

If IFTTT is the way to go please post an example on how to create such log.

But please advise if there is another mechanism Rachio would recommend to download history – for example a simple enhancement to the existing watering history CVS download. Instead of usage/savings add an option to see each zone activity.

@sowagreg, this can be tracked automagically using IFTTT. Here is the recipe to do so:

If you’re unfamiliar with IFTTT, here’s a support article that explains how to setup your Iro on IFTTT:

We do not currently offer this feature, but I’ll pass along the idea to @benblackmer and the product team for future consideration. Sounds like a great idea!

I hope the IFTTT option will work for the short term. Please let us know if you run into any issues setting up your recipe.

Best, Emil

If IFTTT ever publishes the new triggers this can be done easily but we are waiting 2 weeks now for them to approve the new triggers. So hurry up and wait!

Thx. I will try to setup using these docs

I was able to successfully setup IFTTT feed into google spreadsheet. But I also see the point murph2481 is making about need for additional triggers and data elements. Right now I can only capture the info that says in 1 row on “this date, watering station was on for 366 minutes”.

I would like to capture the exact timestamp, zone, start, stop events. Also if you guys are doing something special to improve water absorption while watering clay/hill zones — i.e. split 30 minutes watering event into 10 x 3 minutes cycles with breaks in between and rotation between zones that would be very cool to capture in the log file.

In short we need more data elements exposed in ITFFF that could be captured in a log file. BTW, I am using Splunk to correlate all my automation systems.

Agreed glad you figured it out. The new release of the IFTTT triggers should allow you to record zone times as it will be a new trigger. We are just waiting until the release it as the Rachio team has already submitted it and it is out of their hands until IFTTT people put it online.

Wow, splunk, I’m not worthy :blush:

I’ve been told Friday for the new event registered trigger approval. Will post when it is live.

As @murph2481said, It will allow you access to any event in our system.


Alright new Event triggers are up, so I can trigger on when a zone starts and when a zone ends to get timestamps. The only issue is that I do not get the Zone that was watered. In my google docs spreadsheet I just get ‘Zone Started’ or ‘Zone Complete’

There are no more ingredients to choose in the Event that tell me the actual zone number. So this is a step in the right direction but still missing the detail of the zone that was watered which would be extremely helpful since the flex schedule doesn’t water all the zones every watering schedule it triggers.

On a lighter note you guys are awesome and I love this thing and the support you have. The new triggers are great and love the system status one so I knew immediately if something is up with my internet connectivity to my Rachio. So I don’t want to sound super needy just trying to get you the feedback I think you deserve to make this thing bullet proof!


This is possible, will let you know when out :+1:

I modified my ITFFF recipes to capture additional details and I am looking forward to Google spreadsheet with more updates! I like ITFFF and I think it’s a fantastic automation interface so once I have start/stop by zone name I will be very happy.

The reason I mentioned Splunk is that I would still argue that there should be an alternative mechanism to receive a full log from my devices - under principle of capturing all events and analyze it later. Your website and the mobile app interfaces are great and easy to use. If you could keep pushing for both enhacements 1) more events / data points in IFTTT and 2) a simple link on your website to download the device log per each month. Rachio has a great product!

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Hi Franz, any update on progress with adding additional ingredient(s) to IFTTT? My logs are collecting info nicely on google docs. If you could add just one extra ingredient… “zone name / #” thx!

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Sorry, been buried in other things ATM. I’ll try to get to this but might be awhile. Ping me if the team doesn’t get to this in the next couple of weeks.


Can you post the complete list of recordable elements in IFTTT to a google spreadsheet? Are these there?

  • Gallons of water per event
  • smart cycle used / not used
  • zone flow rate
  • zone area

Playing around in IFTTT, I found the list.

I would like to request much more. My goal is to track cost per zone, etc. And I would not want to have to insert my own data of nozzle flow rates, because I may change these in the Rachio app, and then forget to change it in the spreadsheet. I would prefer that it automatically pull over these numbers so that I can calculate and track usage and cost in the spreadsheet.

Pinging as requested. It’s been a month now, and I don’t see “zone name/#” as an ingredient.

Sorry it’s a lot of custom work to get this incorporated, and it would not be able to be made into an ingredient.

The best that could happen is the actual event would have the zone name (no choosing ingredient).

One of the drawbacks of making this so generic. I’ll try to get the zone name into the actual event but it could take some time due to other constraints on our time at the moment.


Hi Franz,

Is there any update on “watering log download to XLS” feature?

I know you guys were initially pursuing IFTTT for this functionality but that seems like a lot of work vs. a simple download link on the website / mobile app (I am assuming you are storing history of each device on your cloud system for at least 6 months) so data exists you just need to open it up to owners of these devices.

Otherwise maybe you guys can invest in some visualization tools/functionality for your app to allow owners for more comprehensive zone troubleshooting and long term analysis? For example with my solar panels I can see monthly, weekly daily production, zoom in and zoom out, filter by panel and see each panel production, avg per period, compare this month vs last year etc.

Right now things are not growing in my yard in certain zones and I just can’t get a big picture. With constant adjustments to watering/schedules I am quickly losing track of how much water each zone got last month and has things improved since I made these adjustments and by how much.


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