Can I download my Watering History by zone?


No watering history by zone? How is it summarized? My gen2 hasn’t arrived yet or I’d look at it.


I second the ability to get this someday in the future. I keep a spreadsheet with the watering times by zone, what days I made what kind of changes, the rain sensor kicking in, etc. but I have to go in at least once a week and gather the data. It’s a pain, but at least I can see what I’ve done. (I also did this with my old Rainbird and that was an even bigger pain as I had to go outside to the unit to gather all the info). I tried using what was exposed to IFTT, and what is there records nicely to a spreadsheet, but it only gives me watering times, not what zone watered.


I wanted to analyse last months irrigation activity by zone, and this is the hacky way that I did that.

First I used chrome’s inspector on the history log to see how the list was being supplied to the browser in the web version of the rachio app. It turns out that it is refreshed using Ajax, and so all I had to do was cut and paste the json object that is returned each time you scroll further back through the history. I ended up with about 4 separate json objects, each covering a specific time range.

For example, this is how the start of one of the snippets of json looks
“entries”: [{
“summary”: “Rear Lawn - Away f… began watering at 03:07 AM (PDT).”,
“timestamp”: “2018-06-21T10:07:04Z”,
“title”: “Rear Lawn - Away f… Started”,
“eventId”: “7a7ef892-3111-333f-8e03-32ed0777885d”,
“zoneId”: [],
“scheduleType”: “”,
“iconUrl”: “”,
“weatherIntelligenceInfo”: “”,
“thresholdInfo”: “”,
“detailHeaderUrl”: “”,
“zoneRuns”: []

I then used a simple php program to analyse these (using jsondecode()) and output a text file that contained just the info I needed (date / time and the string that described the completion of an event, and which zone it was on). Finally I used sublime text to edit the result into a csv file that I could use in google sheets.

I wouldn’t want to do this every time [ :slight_smile: ] , but it worked for me this once.

I wanted to do this because my water usage has gone up a lot (50%) since starting with my Rachio, in spite of converting half the yard to drips. This way on my spreadsheet I was able to compare the usage to what I think I would have been doing for last month, if I hadn’t changed the system. No conclusions yet though on why the watering schedule is more intensive. Maybe I just was OK with browner lawns last year !




I could swear we allowed this per zone but we don’t which doesn’t make much sense to me.

I’ll work with the product team on this.



Thanks very much.



Ha, we’ve actually finished that code. We will be releasing after some moar testing.


That is awesome! Thanks for this new feature and good luck to the developers testing it!



Just checking in on the status of this feature … if it is already available, how can I asccess it?



@rhellyer Zone data is now available. Go to the webapp at and navigate to your individual zone(s). From there you can download data for that zone.



Excellent … that works great. Thanks!!