Blue Light on Gen 3 Controller


I am new here, I was wondering if there is a way to disable the blue light on the gen 3 controller?
I have the controller mounted in an interior utility room and it is very bright. Just a suggestion, why not have the light come on when you use your app or toggle the button on the controller. It make no sense to have this light on all the time. It is really bright. Please fix!!!
Why not have an option in the app to turn On/Off in the app.

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@Dean0521 - tape does wonders. The lights do signal what the device is doing, so black electrical tape is probably not the answer. There are LED dimming tapes that are out there. And one can also mount it in the enclosure. There are several other posts in the community commenting on this.

The team is listening and prioritizing these and other features.



I shouldn’t have to put tape on a $230.00 controller.
Should have an option to turn on or off.
I also think the light should come on when you wake it up or it is operating. Than it should turn off after the system has gone through all zones. Just an idea.

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I agree.


My nest thermostat has the option to turn off or dim.

My Sony tv has the same options.

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This is the glow it gives off in my interior utility room.

I am going to keep this thread going as this light is annoying! Are we any closer to an option to turn off or dim?

Hey @Dean0521!

Thanks for checking in! Going to link you to a response from @mckynzee about a week ago. Stay tuned :slight_smile: