Rachio 3 - Always On LED


I just received and installed my Rachio 3. Everything seems great except that I don’t like the always on blue LED cylon light. Anyway to turn this off when the unit is not operating? If not, can we add this option to the app in the future?

Dim or turn off lights on the box
Blue Light on Gen 3 Controller



Hehe. I don’t see mine since it is in the weather protected enclosure. But I do have a face plate now that I can’t use oddly enough.

The all weather enclosure is really pretty decent if you like battleship gray attached to your home​:sunglasses::sunglasses:


Mine is my garage and the bright blue glow is creepy at night. Either give me a way to tone it down or completely turn it off when it isn’t doing anything.


Certainly don’t want to creep anyone out :grimacing:

Appreciate the feedback on the LED bar. I’m going to discuss some options with the engineering team and we’ll work on a solution.


not a big issue for me as it is in the garage but the LEDs are super, super bright. i’d love to have them dimmer.


Sorry about the “creepy” description. I access my garage often and seeing the bright blue glow is unexpected when in the past I had a controller with no visible lights. I’m sure I will get used to it, but I would appreciate having the ability to turn it down a few notches. Either that or replace the whole bar being lit up with only one small section to tell that it is on and functioning. Thanks for accepting the constructive criticism.


It’s important to have the light on all the time. When it turns red it means Skynet has activated and it’s time to prepare for the robot uprising.

:grin: Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Every time I pass the controller I expect to hear “By your command”.



Thanks for ruining our world domination plans.



Elon warned us about you. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/03/elon-musk-billion-dollar-crusade-to-stop-ai-space-x


yes, it’s pretty bright. An option to dim or turn it off would be nice.


Reminds me of the Robot from the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still. Yea the ability to tone down the brightness would be nice.


Would also like this–my whole basement (open, unfinished) has an eerie glow at night.


Black electrical tape


We just want you guys to know we are there! Always! Watching!

McKynzee :rachio:


I guess I’m the only one that’d like their LED strip to strobe left and right like KITT from Knight Rider…


That’s my solution to everything with always on lights in the house. I don’t mind LEDs in the garage. Kind of a night light.


I’m having the hardware team work on a customizable cover for the cover. I’m thinking a limited edition wood grain, maybe 24K gold plated? Your favorite sports team?



Lol. The only things seeing my blue glow are tiny spiders inside the all weather enclosure.

Was thinking about a water proof version for my fish tank light.