Bermuda grass advanced settings

Hey all,

In Austin Texas and struggling to dial in my advanced settings. Dirt brought in by builder, common bermuda sod brought in by builder. Grass 2 years old. Have fixed on some and then rotary in others. Screen shot of fixed head zone that’s in the front yard. Questing my set up bc neighbors yard is impeccable. My grass is only lush at downspout location. On flex daily scheduling.

Are you uncertain about any of those settings? Maybe the most impactful would be doing a catch cup test for nozzle inches/hour - without additional background, almost 2 in/hr seems high. 4” root depth for warm season grass seems low and is more of a cool season grass root depth. 6-9” May be better for warm season.


Obviously, lots could be different, but my daughter lives in Round Rock and her grass looks great. (she has the same kind of grass). Her Soil Type is set as clay, and here are her advanced settings. I didn’t post her nozzle settings as I agree with @Kubisuro that doing a catch cup test would be the best thing.


@Kubisuro, thanks for the response. I actually did a “cup” test. Put a baking sheet on my lawn for 20 minutes and it captured just over 0.6 inches in that time. Took that at a rate of 60 minutes to get the effective rate.

Regarding root depth, I feel that depth would be applicable with very lush and thick grass. With dry grass, the roots are shallow. With a root depth of 6-9" my allowable depletion would be even longer. Thus watering my lawn considerably less.

@Linn very similar settings, interesting. I did a mason jar test and determined the water was too murky to class it as “clay”. Maybe I’ll adjust and see if that help! Thank you :slight_smile: