Average root depth for bermuda

Hello I have warm season Bermuda. Lawn 3 years old in San Diego southern California. Average root depth says 9 inches however does that seems high? I was thinking more 5 or 6. I don’t have any special equipment to test so I was hoping an expert or someone in thr community would have a good guess for sandy loam soil area? Thank you!

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@Jaykid007 We have Sandy Loam here in Phoenix. This thread has some discussion.

Sod and soil type

This article also has some info.

If you haven’t been giving the lawn deep watering until now your Bermuda roots may not be that deep, but the potential for them to be deep is there. If that’s the case you could start with a shallower root depth and increase it over time.

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@Jaykid007 Great info from @azdavidr From my personal experience from this past summer… since I didn’t have a strong root bed due to ineffecient watering the previous seasons with my grass, I started at 6" for most of the summer, and bumped it to 7 and then finally 8" now. If you have a lot of patchy areas, some areas that seem to grow faster than others, your root bed may not be too strong in those areas so you’ll want to have a lesser number for root depth, like a 6.


Thank you both

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Nine inches is too much. You can use your shovel and slice down into the soil. Take a ruler and measure the root depth. A six inch root depth is the norm for bermudagrass.