I download App on my I-Phone 5 s e when I tap on the app nothing happens . I have the unit setting on floor by my Computer. Will the App work on I-Phone 5se ? Moondogie

If you have upgraded to iOS 10.3 or higher, the app should work. If you still have trouble and it’s a Rachio 3 or 3e, see

for using your computer to configure Wi-Fi on the controller. Once it’s on your network, you should be able to access it at
from either the computer or the iPhone.

If the above fails or is inapplicable, borrow another phone or tablet to configure the device. Even an old phone without a SIM card should be ok, as long as it can connect to Wi-Fi and install the app.

Like I said apples I-Phone 5SE wont upgrade any Higher? Its a piece of Junk. Now what buy a $800.00 Phone ?

I don’t understand your comment. You can use your computer to configure the controller for Wi-Fi and also to create schedules, etc. If you’re out in the yard adjusting heads, you can use Safari on your iPhone 5 to run zones, etc.

Rachio is aware of the issue with the mobile app and expects to have a fix soon. See

Hey Moondogie, I’m working on testing some fixes to fix issues with devices running iOS 10. I can keep you posted on progress as well and maybe send you a beta version that might fix it. Currently a beta is waiting for review from Apple, but once that’s approved I can send you a link to download the app and we can see if that fixes the issue for you. I imagine it’ll move through Apples review today or tomorrow, but I can’t say for sure.

I can’t connect my PC to Rachio why. Can you send an app?

Have you a beta version for i phone 5?