App Suggestion - zone toggling for doing maintenance


Once a Rachio is set up an running I think the most common use of the app will be to walk-around the property and toggle single zones on and off to inspect for proper operation in each zone. And, to toggle on and off a zone while making head repairs. In the current app it is a major pain to toggle a single zone on and off. One has to go to the manual control, pick a zone, set a time, toggle it on. Then when you toggle it off all is lost and you must start all over. It is a 6-7 click operation to just test a few zones. There should be a single screen in the app that has all zones listed with a simple button next to each to toggle a zone-at-a-time on/off.

Maintenance Planner

Would love this feature too.


@scgrout @setrusko Thanks for the input! I understand the function of this when turning heads on for individual zones. Are you also wanting to turn off zones that are currently on? Would you use this feature to interrupt schedules or are you thinking more for checking certain zones? Just trying to get a better idea of the request!
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Just one screen in the mobile app where the user can toggle any zone on and off one at a time while doing zone testing and maintenance. No need to be able to turn off an already running program. This is already easy to do within the app today.

Picture walking around your yard turning one zone at a time on and off to check that all heads are working. Or turning a zone on and off while fixing or maintaining broken heads. Today it takes too many un-needed clicks to do this simple operation. This operation is my most common use of the mobile app.

Also, all zones could auto shut-off after 5 minutes in case the user forgets to turn off a zone that they have turned on during testing.




That user case is super helpful, thank you for that. I can definitely see the value in this. I’ll make sure to get it in front of the product team!! Thanks again for the input.
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Like the other Scott said, it would be great to be able to toggle a zone on and off quickly, without needing to set a timer. It would also be nice to advance to the next zone as well.

For example, with this feature, I toggle on zone 1, let it run of an undetermined amount of time, then tap a button to move to zone 2, then maybe tap it again to go to zone 3, after letting it run for a few minutes. After that I might continue on to zone 4 or tap a button to stop.


Oh My!!! If I was told that I could only have one enhancement, and asked what it would be, this is exactly it.

My system’s up and running fine. The only thing I use my smart phone for is exactly as described above.

This enhancement request is exceptionally well stated!

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I agree, this should be easier, like one screen showing all zones, with simple toggle for each one and indicator of ON or OFF for each zone. Thank you.


Also, there should be the capability to move to the next zone simply by tapping the zone you want to start and the other will shut off.


I’m surprised this feature is missing. If the developers lived on the east coast, they would instantly understand the utility of having this feature. As temperatures started dropping below freezing in Boston, everyone winterizes their system by blowing air through their lines. A simple skip button would be great, otherwise, there’s too much inefficiency in the current process. It would be even 10x better if someone created a sensor to determine when a zone was sufficiently empty and then the “winterization” program would go to the next zone automatically.


A second for this approach, and it should also allow you to toggle disable zones. I’m currently blowing out my lines and I had to enable the disabled zones.


Any update on this feature suggestion?


Will this feature be done? If so, any ETA.

Once again, I would be that 90% or more of your users would want this capability.

Thank you in advance for implementing.


@scgrout While I can’t divulge too many secrets about our upcoming software release, I will say that it will definitely be an improvement on our current options for doing maintenance. This has been a huge request and we know it’s a big area for improvement for us.


Can we get an update?

I see these requests were made months ago

Would you post a list of changes/upgrades that have been addressed?

Thank you


McKynzee, any update on this feature request? Thank you.


Previous post, I believe it’s coming in V3.


Any news on this? We keep hearing about “improvements” and “next releases”… But I haven’t seen anything live yet :frowning:


There’s plenty of speculation on when the next release is coming (and what it will contain). See ‘conversation’ “V3.Beta is Upon Us”

Some of us are having a little fun with the subject, participating in a contest. Details are also in the same ‘conversation.’

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