API support for Smart Hose timer?

@dane the cloud-rest.rach.io site is showing a 404. Is it just temporarily down, or did y’all for some reason already pull the new site down?

I tried both on my WiFi, and knowing sometimes my network blocks some sites, 5G on my phone, after confirming my smart hose timer valve was online.

Also, is there any way to control the valve locally, instead of having to go through y’all’s servers? (For Home Assistant specifically, as I see you have a 1700 query limit on the cloud calls.)

Hopefully there will be webhook support for the hose timers in the future, that would pretty much make the rate limit a non-issue if polling wasn’t required.

Hi @Paleflyer

I am reaching out to the team about the 404 error that you are receiving. Could I get some more information on what you are trying to do? Are you having any issues running programs

Regarding local control for Smart Hose Timer, we do not have any plans to support this for Smart Hose Timer. @Brg468 mentioned webhooks which I am documenting for future consideration.

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Wait, I might be being stupid. I assumed the cloud-rest link would open a page like the normal api.rach.io page, to at least confirm my Hose Timer is connected, but I just realized that isn’t what it is, is it. :man_facepalming:

Yea I don’t think you can directly open the cloud-rest endpoint. You could use Postman to verify the timer is connected and see the data. FWIW the hose timer integration in Homeassistant has been working fine for me this whole time. ( I realize it’s not yet released but I wrote it so I get to use it :joy:)

I’d be very interested in getting access to that integration…

But I assume first I would have to get the UUID figured out… And clearly I’m an API noob, as I have no idea how to get that. My attempts have gotten me something, but Postman is still telling me I’m not authorized. (I’m using the API key from the app.rach.io site.)

I’m not in front of the computer right now, but I think you need to set the auth token to the API key from the web/app, then call the Get Person ID endpoint to get your userid, then use that to call List Base Stations

For everybody waiting for HomeAssistant support for the smart hose timers, it’s finally here! It’s in the beta version now, should be released in 2024.4 Thanks for your patience.


Nice! I came to the forum to see if there was anyway to trigger the hose time via API and looks like I arrived just in time :wink:

q - I am an HA noob and I don’t really use it for anything right now but I do have it running. Looks like I am running 2024.3.3 and I only see my Rachio controller when I added my rachio api key.

When 2024.4 rolls out, do I upgrade HA and the hose timer will just show up? thanks!

In theory yes, just upgrade HA to 2024.4 when it’s available and the hose timers should show up.

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welp…here we go!

and there it is!

thx @Brg468 - this will be fun to play with.

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Thanks! Will hopefully be adding battery status and other improvements down the road. We also added a new start water service that works for all devices and schedules.

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