API support for Smart Hose timer?

Is the new smart hose timer device compatible with the current API? If so how is it represented compared to a regular rachio controller?


Hey there!

Great question. Currently, the Rachio Smart Hose Timer does not support API access. We have not announced support for the API with this product. As the Product Manager of Rachio Smart Hose Timer software, I am keeping track of these requests. So, I appreciate you sharing your feedback



Thanks for you answer.
FYI, I’m the author of the HomeSeer plugin for Rachio, and one user asked about the Smart Hose Timer, that’s why I asked here.

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Is there any way to leverage an inbound email or SMS for triggering this?

I have a connection to my hose bib for my pool filler. I’m using a MySpool float to detect water levels dropping due to splash/evap/etc. Once it hits the defined level, I want to be able to trigger the hose timer to fill for a determined amount (e.g. I know that 50 min of fill time is 1" in my pool roughly).

Right now MySpool sends an SMS and Email, and while I have tried to use IFTTT to receive these messages and act upon them, they do not seem to work and fire off - so wondering if you have a better way to act on these types of inputs or suggestions for a better trigger option ?

Just want to +1 this request.

I use the normal Rachio for sprinklers/drop, but I also have a huge rain catchment cistern which feeds a soaker hose in a nearby bed. That’s what I will use the hose timer for. Would love to have access to that via Home Assistant. The cistern also has a float switch in it to let me know when it’s empty, which would let me automatically pause any schedules for the smart hose timer.

+1 for smart hose timer API access. In fact, my purchase of it hinges on API access. Once API access is announced, I will purchase 2. My use case is for smart control of deer sprinklers.

I would love to use this locally with Hubitat - I assume this will require the API?

I will for sure purchase this Smart Hose timer once it confirmed to work with Hubitat.

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I just ordered one. I would also love to be able to use it with hubitat!

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+1 for API access

I use Home Assistant for control of all my smart home devices.

If/when the hose timer supports API access, I will purchase at least 2 hose timers to water baskets/pots that my in-ground irrigation does not cover.

Off-topic for this thread, but also +1 for 5GHz support and real-time flow monitoring, too.

+1 API Access

I just got my timer in and made the bad assumption that given the WIFI interface, API would be supported out of the box. I make heavy use of the API to pause watering on my current controllers once the water pressure gets too low. Without this ability this timer is of little use to me.

+1 for API Access, and real-time flow monitoring. I want to be able to pause watering for some zones if pressure is low, and for other drip zones stop watering if high flow is measured, which could indicate that one of the emitters may have blown off.

add me to the list. whole reason is to control with home assistant. will buy a couple when it’s available.

+1 for Smart Hose API access.

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Already purchased this product and looking for API support. Looking for support for battery level.

+1 for API

+1 for API access.

I use Home Assistant, which can control other rachio devices. I was eager to write a home assistant integration to control my valve, but the API call returns devices: [] (my only rachio device is a valve) for my account.

Another Hubitat user.

Waiting for API for hose timer!


Another +1 for API access from a home assistant user.

Hi @dane - does it look like API support will make it into your roadmap?

This is really important for a lot of us using other vendor’s moisture sensors (like Ecowitt soil sensors) in our garden beds. I already have a bunch of these sensors scattered around various zones to control my main Rachio 3 via home assistant already.

For a hose timer that is most likely used for raised beds and flower beds, this is actually a much more relavent.