API support for Smart Hose timer?

@dane any update on the possibility of API access for the smart hose timer? If you still need to see more interest, I know lots of hubitat users that are interested and will have to send them this way… also, while I have you, plug for allowing the API to set a run duration of “indefinite” so that it stays on until turned off (to leave my deer sprinklers on until a person is detected nearby)

+1 Home Assistant. Honestly, a little surprised it didn’t come out of the box. So so so many potential smart home use cases.

I too would like access to the API functions for the hose timer. I bought the product assuming it had that functionality only to be disappointed that it doesn’t. It is a bit of a let down that it wasn’t a feature out of the box.

Agreed. From a customer perspective, it is reasonable to expect that the hose timer would have API support, on the basis that the other Rachio products have API support. The inconsistent experience is disappointing and leaves me uncertain as to what to expect from Rachio moving forward.

@dane @franz can you please provide an update?

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Would love to see it as an avid home assistant user!