API & Soil Moisture

I’m writing my own scheduling mechanism and I’m trying to figure out soil moisture percentage so I can determine if a zone needs watering.

I was only able to come across one other occurrence of this topic within the Rachio Community but it is archived and does not answer the question:
It’s also a little bit on the older side so perhaps the response has changed.

Here is a zone we can discuss:

    "zones": [
            "id": "obfuscated",
            "zoneNumber": 1,
            "name": "Z1: Side Northwest",
            "enabled": true,
            "customNozzle": {
                "name": "ROTARY_NOZZLE",
                "inchesPerHour": 0.47
            "customSoil": {
                "name": "SANDY_LOAM"
            "customSlope": {
                "name": "ZERO_THREE",
                "sortOrder": 0
            "customCrop": {
                "name": "Warm Season Grass",
                "coefficient": 0.6499999761581421
            "customShade": {
                "name": "LOTS_OF_SUN"
            "availableWater": 0.11999999731779099,
            "rootZoneDepth": 10.0,
            "managementAllowedDepletion": 0.5,
            "efficiency": 0.800000011920929,
            "yardAreaSquareFeet": 800,
            "imageUrl": "obfuscated",
            "lastWateredDuration": 702,
            "lastWateredDate": 1563021000000,
            "scheduleDataModified": false,
            "fixedRuntime": 0,
            "runtimeNoMultiplier": 5222,
            "wateringAdjustmentRuntimes": {
                "1": 7834,
                "2": 6528,
                "3": 5222,
                "4": 3917,
                "5": 2611
            "saturatedDepthOfWater": 0.66,
            "depthOfWater": 0.6,
            "maxRuntime": 10800,
            "runtime": 5222

In the Rachio smartphone app, it says this zone has 53% soil moisture at the time of writing. I don’t see any obvious way to come to that conclusion with the above data.

How do I calculate soil moisture percent?


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The more I think about this, the more I’m seeing how complicated this formula will be. I don’t see myself being able to calculate it without having hourly weather data and tons of other factors.

Is there a way to get the soil moisture percentage via the API?

In general, any suggestions are welcome to help me determine when it’s time to water. Thanks!

There is no current way to retrieve that value.