Accessing and modifying moisture levels via the API

I am looking at writing an integration between my PlantLink sensors and my Rachio. I would like to use the PlantLink sensors to ensure the Rachio has accurate moisture levels so that the Flex schedules can work even more efficiently.

However, in browsing the API documentation, it doesn’t seem like moisture levels are in there at all - either to read or write.

Am I mistaken about this? Is the information perhaps available, just not documented yet? I would really rather directly integrate with the moisture level data than a hacky solution where the PlantLink is issuing rain delays…

(Also, the documentation links to an API discussion forum that doesn’t exist)


@OverloadUT Cool idea. I’m waiting for the 2nd gen to come out soon (Lush), but plan to purchase a few for non-Rachio applications, but also to test how deep my zones are actually getting watered vs. the estimates. One thing that isn’t obvious to me though is how deeply I can sense water availability with the PlantLink sensors. Can you share any insight on that ?

Right now I am just using 3 PlantLinks in some indoor potted plants and haven’t tried it outdoors yet. I don’t actually know enough about gardening to answer your question! I know that the probes are only about four inches long.

@OverloadUT What’s behind my question is that the Rachio algorithms take into account root depth, and ensure that moisture is maintained throughout the “root zone depth”. Grasses go down to 6" or more, my shrubs are set to something like 18". It seems to me that a 4" sensor might not work for those applications where the roots are deeper, but I’m not that aware of how those sensors work. I ultimately plan to use mine in potted plants as well, so I’m guessing the 4" will work for that regardless. I was just wondering about extending their use further. Anyway, thanks for the reply.

@franz or one of the other Rachio employees will know more about your original question about the API. Let us know if you’re successful with making something work.

We currently don’t support modifying soil moisture levels directly through the API.

I like the idea of PlantLink but yet to have someone say they’ve used it outside for turf and it works.

If I had this testimony it would be easier to justify opening the API to this type of closed loop integration :wink:


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