Anyone else having a problem accessing their controller now?

Was is the middle of programming my controller when the website freaked out. Now I can’t access online or through the app. One of my zones went to 1% moisture from 40+% and scheduled a water for tonight. What’s going on?

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Yes. Was fixing broken sprinkler head. Ready to test…can’t.

Yes, I’m also having trouble connecting.

I am also unable to use the app or login on the site.

On a side note, for anybody from Rachio who reads this, having your app phone home during startup with no indication at all that’s what it’s doing and no feedback when it fails makes it look completely broken. I uninstalled your app before figuring out the problem was on your side. Honestly it just looks like it’s hung, there’s no indication it’s even trying to do anything. As a developer this probably irks me more than most people but this is a complete failure in user experience.

Also, speaking of user experience, why can’t I use interface directly with my controller when I’m on my wifi? Seems really short sighted to leave everybody completely unable to access their controllers with your app when your service is down like right now.

I’d really like to be testing out my irrigation system but I can only test a couple zones right now and I don’t remember the zone numbers to go use the buttons on the controller. Sure it’s my fault for not leaving a label there but this is feeling like a premonition of how useless this controller will be when your service eventually gets deprecated.

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Agreed, that is probably the biggest potential problem with a Rachio system. Having a way to program the controller when the cloud fails would be a huge improvement.

System is experiencing high load, the engineering team will have it recovered very shortly.

This is a very rare occurrence (once per year at most) so I do apologize.

Will let you know when system is fully recovered.



Yes same issue.

Yes I too am have a problem with the iOS app and accessing my account online. I’ve been messing with this app for the last 20 minutes trying to figure out what’s going on. Everything keeps hanging saying updating device. I’ve never experienced any problems like this before. Something is definitely wrong at Rachio.

At least the response was fast. That’s impressive.

Same issue here. Worked for a while and now keep getting DEADLINE_EXCEEDED.
I searched for a service status page but I found nothing.
Frustrating first experience with the 4.6 rated Rachio 3…

I’m back to working now!

Thanks for the update… Good to know it’s being worked.

Our time series database is running hot, trying to throw water on it right now to cool it off.

Adding additional hardware so we will not experience this issue again.



Do you guys have a public service status page? If not do you plan on having one?


For a service which is solely dependant on your servers, having a status page seems like a necessity.

Do you have a ETA for the repair?


New hardware spinning up, the system should gradually start to be more responsive.

We have the whole devops engineering team working on this so all hands on deck so to speak.

Very much appreciate your patience.


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Mine is back up. Thanks for the fast communication Franz.

Service will be sporadic, we are continuing to bring up hardware to mitigate any performance issues.


I’m a new Rachio 3 owner. Will my controller continue to run the existing schedules even if the server is down?

I have two requests:

  1. The app (Android for me) should time out if the server doesn’t respond in a reasonable amount of time (30 sec?) and display a user friendly error message. All I see right now is a (seemingly) infinitely spinning blue circle.

  2. The Rachio website should have a “system status” page. A customer shouldn’t have to be a member of the community forum, and login to that forum, to find out why their app isn’t working.

The Rachio 3 is a great product, however the server(s) need to be very reliable and customer communication needs to be improved. @franz is doing a good job in the forum, but that isn’t the best way to provide timely communications to the majority customers.