Anyone else having a problem accessing their controller now?


I’m still down. I can log into the service now, but can’t make any updates and some of the moisture levels in my zones are bouncing around.


I hope about another 30 minutes and we will back to normal. Thank you for your patience.



Yes, having trouble. Device continues to try updating. Can’t access online.


I echo this question and the requests.


This would be much less frustrating if the app handled the failure / timeout well and gave some kind of indication it was working instead of just appearing completely hung and broken. It’s like nobody on the dev team ever thought “hey, what if the server doesn’t respond?” - that’s a worrying thought. Again, when I launch the app it just sits on the splash screen - Rachio logo in the center and no indication it’s even trying to do anything. It acts just like my phone has a problem and that provides a very poor experience.


Agree with above, we will create better transparency.

Systems are back to normal, thank you for your patience.



I’m still having issues. Android user here on a galaxy s9. The rachio app opens and I get the logo but it hangs forever.


Uninstalled and reinstalled the app and I’m back online.


This is one additional reason I’m getting rid of my “Dumbed Down” Gen 2 and getting a RainMachine as I have had my neighbors do.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…good for you FarmerBob.


“Thank You!!”