All zones are not activating

The Unit is working fine since day 1 I set it up, but today when I try to manually run one of the zone, no water is coming out. I tested all the zone and non of them are working. I tried reboot the unit several times and it didn’t help. I don’t know when it starts acting like that but I think is working normally yesterday night.

Any ideas what is causing this? The Controller unit did not report any error. It will show it’s watering but no actual water coming out.

@scarittagle - do you have a rain sensor attached directly to the Rachio unit? If the rain sensor is wet this is the behavior you’ll see. Also if the rain sensor is in-line with the common wire, this would be the same behavior. As all zones are not working, I’d look at the common wire for wiring issues.

Do you have a master valve/pump in your configuration?

If you go to a valve box and manually activate the valve does it water?

@emil can check to see if the system is reporting any wiring issues.

  1. Rain sensor gauge is dry at this time.

  2. It’s a wireless sensor so doesn’t connect to the common wire.

  3. I don’t think my house have master valve/pump

  4. How to manually activate in the valve box…?


@scarittagle - Here’s a post from @emil and item 3 has a link to a video for manually activating the solenoid: Controller won’t start sprinklers

Also, I might try temporarily disconnecting your wireless rain sensor from the Rachio just to remove it from the error domain.


Hey @scarittagle-

Looking at your zone current values, it looks like there is something up with your wiring (values are all very low). My first guess would be a common wire issue. Have you had any irrigation/landscaping work done recently? Can you give your common wires a tug and see if they are secure in the terminals? When is the last time you were able to successfully run a zone? A wiring picture may be helpful as well…

Let me know,

McKynzee :rachio:


I just tested the solenoid manually, all zones are working fine. Looks like there’s a wiring issue or Controller’s problem.

I also disconnected the rain sensor but seems it’s not the case.

Hey @scarittagle-

Can you switch your common wires to a different terminal, and then try to run a zone?

It’s mess down the Valve box…

GREEN wire is the common wire.

all connectors seems intact except a bit dirty…

@mckynzee what do you mean switch to different terminal?

@scarittagle If you could actually just change the green common from the wire terminal on the controller to a different “C” terminal, that may help us identify if the issue is in the common terminals on the controller, or if it’s the actual common wire itself. There is a good diagram here showing the different “C” terminals!


Just changed to a different terminal, still doesn’t work.

@scarittagle When is the last time you ran your system successfully? It sounds like it may be something wrong with the common wire itself, but I don’t want to jump to an irrigation issue…

@mckynzee unknown, I just found it out yesterday.

the system usually irrigates at dawn so I don’t know how long it been acting like this. But judging from the moisture in the soil I would say it probably worked 3 days ago.

@mckynzee maybe I should think about rebuild the connector?

Oh I recall that Verizon has recently buried a optic fiber cable in the ground where location is close to the controller. Maybe is the Verizon technician accidentally cut the common wire that is also buried in the ground? (if possible)

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There is a possibility it was cut @scarittagle- that would make the most sense based on the current values I am seeing. Unfortunately, there isn’t a great way to 100% confirm that this is the issue unless we get an irrigation professional out there. I have a list of professionals that have experience with the controller, if you would like I could direct you to one of them!


no problem, I live in Tampa Bay Area @mckynzee

@scarittagle If you could DM me your zip, I’ll get something sent your way!

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I keep 300ft of cord so that I can plug into a terminal and carry it to the valve box, is this an option for you? To override the common?

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@plainsane - I don’t think Verizon would have been as precise as to cut only the common wire. If this is the issue, I’m betting the whole bundle is cut.

@scarittagle - if you have an ohm meter you could disconnect the common and a zone wire from the Rachio unit and then temporarily connect those same two wires together in the valve box by undoing their existing connections. Then using the ohm meter measure resistance across those two wires back at the Rachio unit. If the resistance is infinite (futile) then one, or more than likely both, are cut. No ohm meter, then probably time to call out an irrigation repair company/person. To help keep the time on the job and the repair bill lower, when they show up, take them to where Verizon trenched the cable and have them trace the wiring from the Rachio or the valve box, which ever is closest to the trench. When they get to the trench then dig out the wiring cable, I bet it is sliced in two.


It’s a good point, my common is it’s own stran about 15 feet from where my main bundle as mine broke under ground and that was the path of least resistance.