All my flex zones suddenly are at zerp

Good grief! I tried to skip a zone that was at 105% just two days ago. It seems my Rachio wants to fight me on it.
It immediately added a new run time one minute after the one I skipped.

Hi @helosix, it looks like the following Flowerbeds Flex Daily was slated for 8/10 while the one that was skipped was for 8/9. :smiley:

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Ah! You’re right. Thanks… it’s driving me nuts. It’s like the schedule is changing by the minute. It wants to run my backyard a few days in a row. Tired, irritated, and not thrilled about this at the moment. I’m a relatively new user and this isn’t boosting my confidence. Sorry.

@dchau So now it’s saying that it is watering when it’s not. Tried to do a quick run to water in some fungicide before bed but it won’t let me, no response via web. Haven’t tried via the device itself (yet).
Also note the scheduled days that have changed since my previous screenshot. It keeps changing in a very short time.
I should probably go to bed and hope everything is back to normal in the morning, not having flooded the block. :stuck_out_tongue:

Add me to the list. Gen 3. Zone 1 started watering at 6:00 AM. Web App said nothing was watering. Controller was definitely running zone 1. Had to shut it off with the controller button. Nothing in History…

Same here! My front zone watered yesterday for 40 minutes and again this morning. The irrigation says 0 and it is down to 0%. It’s scheduling to water on Friday now. I’m going to have to switch to manual until this is fixed.

Looking through my history shows no entries that any flex zones ran yesterday.

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Same problem here. All zeros except for one at 6 percent. All zones sprinkled this morning without prior notification and none of the sprinkling showed up after. History is wonky too. Last sprinkling shows on July 28th but have sprinkled at various times since then.

I’m going to manually fill to avoid rewatering tomorrow.

My citrus watered yesterday so I had to Fill my citrus zone and then increase crop ET (from 85% to 110%) to get it back on schedule. Will need to remember to change that back. Fortunately my stone fruit zone is so far okay as the 8/7 irrigation was not lost.

Not only did it water all my zones last night because of this server issue, but it also water 2 zones for over 2 hours straight. Woke up this morning at 7am to see that my system was still watering 2 zones at the same time. Never had this happen before! When I tried to turn it off, the 2 zones would not respond. I had to manually unplug Rachio to have it stop. Now the phone app says it is still watering. I wasted alot of water today! Water was flowing down the sidewalk into the storm drain. Wasted alot of money due to your malfunction!!! Not very happy right now!!! I can only imagine what my water bill will be.

See attached screenshot showing that it is still watering and running a custom schedule???

I’m having the same issue as everybody else. All zones went to zero last night. Woke up to find that my sprinklers had been running for several hours this morning even though I had “skipped” the watering today so that it wouldn’t interfere with my yard guys coming today.

Hopefully this will be resolved quickly. That said, this is making me question the wisdom of a smart sprinkler controller that is so reliant on the cloud. I’m wondering if a Rainmachine might be a better fit for me.

This is happening to me as well, but only for zones that ran yesterday. Now they are all zero and will run again later this morning!

Same thing happened to me I noticed that my zones were water this morning however history shows no record and everything was zero out.
Any update from Rachio?

Franz replied almost immediately to my initial post about problem late yesterday afternoon. I’m sure Rachio will get this sorted out as soon as possible.

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Been a long time since I’ve woken up to a “my yard runneth over” situation like this. Add me to the “all of my zones are at zerp” list.

Add me to the list. All zones were showing zero moisture, and the device wanted to water this morning for almost 12 hours! Fortunately, I caught it last night and implemented a manual skip.

Same here. I thought all flex zones were at zero last night, scheduled to water next available date.

They may have recovered some watering history, as one of my zones shows a recent watering and is at 46%, and did not water this morning.
The zones that did water, the watering shows up on the zone summary, but not on the moisture level chart.

Add me to the list. Same issue. Tons of watering last night, but no evidence in my history. all zones also at zero, er, zerp… with scheduled run tomorrow. :frowning:

All three controllers I watch are included; two Gen 2 and a Gen 3 w/wireless flow sensor. All zones except for one at my house show 0% mositure; the one zone at my house shows 19%. No history since rain sensor deactivation on 8/7.

This doesn’t appear to be across the board – at least my Gen 3 controller was not affected, although I did lose the history from July 28 on last night. But the history appears to be back now.

And my daughter’s Gen 2 controller in Texas does not appear to be affected either.

I am feeling very fortunate right now.