All my flex zones suddenly are at zerp

Just noticed this afternoon that all my Flex Zones have suddenly gone to zero, and are showing zero for all the previous days that I can display with my history.

Something obviously must have happened to my online data.

I’ve never seen this behavior from my rocchio app before.

Several of my zones watered last night and we’re showing 80% this morning.

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What zone is now showing zero?


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Zone 1 and 2.
Initially 1 thru 5 were zero, but 3 thru 5 now have 54%.

But all display zero for history days.

I check Rachio every day, have never seen this behavior.

By zero I mean at the max allowed depletion. Everything was bottomed out day after day.

Check the table below the chart. Is Irrigation inches similar to or lower than evapotranspirated inches? That could cause a similar chart.

I’m seeing zeros in every cell except evapotranspiration for every day.

Something has happened to the data that my app is reading.

I’ve never seen anything like this in Rachio.

Mine is doing the same thing Rachio gen 2. I looked at my history and the history appears to have been wiped out after July 21st the day that I installed the controller. I’m guessing it is a database issue on Rachio’s end.

I have the exact same issue. Just noticed all my programs are scheduling to run tonight. Looked into it and all my usage data has been zeroed for the month. Flex scheduling is assuming full depletion due to no usage data and all zones are running to refill. Has to have been something done recently, haven’t seen this before.

Same here. Mine history is gone except for today and but my zones show 110% on all

I skipped my flex run for tomorrow morning. And hoping data gets sorted out.

Ok — I also have zero across the board.

I experience the same my zones was showing zero only on the iPad version what I did was I when in to a zone and than moisture when back and pulled down that app to refresh and that fixe it for me my iPhone app it’s all good.

@anthony Didn’t quite work- prior irrigation data still missing and only one zone ended up with any moisture. Weird.

Fwiw, Windows desktop app and Android app are showing identical data, with loss of history in all zones.

Same, here.

Same here @Kubisuro - I have three of my zones showing irrigation data and one missing irrigation data it could possibly be an outage.

Hey all! Thanks for the heads up. Working through this now - more details shortly!
-Lo :rachio:


Franz did reply early in this thread so I’m assuming Rachio is aware of and working the issue.


Hey all!

Thank you all for your patience! We’re working to get this resolved and will have an update for everyone in the morning!

-Lo :rachio:

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@laura.bauman Glad to see you all are on top of this already. All my zones are zero and trying to water everything again.
Bad timing in more ways than one. I was at the local hardware store bragging about my Rachio 3. Pulled out the phone to show him and immediately noticed that all zones were at 0%. “Um… that’s not right?!”. I think you may have lost an already sceptical, anti-tech, potential customer at that moment.