Additional Flow Sensor Support Flowmec QS200


These ultrasonic flow sensors are designed to replace traditional paddle style sensors like the ones already supported by Rachio.

Could this be added to the list as well? They are not the cheapest sensor but for those who need to get better resolution on low flows these definitely are a step up.

*Added chart with specs and k values.

We haven’t had many requests for other sensors but I will make sure our product team (hey @mckynzee) is aware of these.


@franz Thanks for the reply! Hopefully it’s an easy addition … I’d like to test one of these out on my Gen 2.

*A bit off topic, but what is the reporting interval on your controllers for flow sensing?

Don’t mean to hijack this thread, but I’m a noob when it comes to Rachio and flow meters…

When using something other than the Rachio wireless flow meter, do you get the benefit of high/low flow warnings when combined with Gen3, or is this strictly to monitor usage?

Just usage monitoring (actuals versus estimated).


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@franz I just saw this question HERE about adjusting K and offset within the controller. Is this possible? I just acquired a 1" Flomec that has an offset = 0 and K = 0.5386.

Would be cool to test out *nudge :slight_smile: