Add Yard Map to web application

It would be much easier to map my zones and sprinkler heads using Yard Map on a large monitor on a PC. Doing this Yard Map on a smartphone is a chore with the small screen.

Do you have any plans to add this Yard Map feature to the web page?


Unfortunately, I do not think Rachio will be doing this. Like many other IoT, most seem to be moving away from web pages.

Rachio has made it clear they are “no longer developing the webapp.” So you’ll have to suffer through with a tiny yard map. I’m not happy about it either.

That’s a shame. Yard Map creation, especially, would be easier on the web access, rather than the smartphone app.

Yep. Lots of things are easier with the web app. For a complete discussion see: Don't Kill the Rachio Web App

Rachio has obviously decided they can only support one app and, if that is the case, they chose the mobile app. I suppose if you have to have only one, you have to keep the mobile app. But I, like you, do wish they’d keep the web app going…

That’s a good point. The access from anywhere of the app is more important than updating the web access, but geez, my fat fingers have trouble making a nice yard map. I also wish you could delete a single sprinkler head rather than clearing the zone and starting over.

There is a program called BlueStacks that runs mobile apps on a PC. Rachio runs on this.