Add Weather Underground Station

Hi Gene, sorry to be another one who needs a weather underground station added, but can this one be added as well? (Not sure I’m sending the right link…)

@ValM no worries, Done (link), be on the lookout for PWS_Wx63901

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Thanks so much!!

Hi Gene

Still can access WX27175. Personal Weather Stations is enabled. I can see eight Personal Weather Stations within 10 km of my house. My weather station (WX27175) is at the same location as my Rachio Controller (within 20 metres). I’ve checked PWS weather and can see the weather station through the PWS App. I can’t see it through the Rachio App.

any thoughts on what I should do?

@Les unfortunately I cannot think of any good reason why you still can’t see a pwsweather station within 20 meters of your controller. I would be interested in looking into this further, but would require a temporary access to your controller. Keep in mind that I am not a Rachio employee, as such I do not have access to full knowledge and tools available to a Rachio support personal.

My primary recommendation is that you contact official Rachio support channels:

In case you wish for me, in particular, to take a look into this further, you’d need to setup a full share of your controller with support(at) (use @ where appropriate), you can contact me via a private message (link), or above mentioned email address, to proceed.

Not seeing it yet this morning, tried the web app, made sure PWS is enabled… I can see the station on the PWS website…Any suggestions?

See my earlier comment to @Les, seems like a temporary issue somewhere between Rachio and pwsweather. Usually it takes only a few hours for a Gen 2 controller to see your weather station.

@rachiosupport, can you please look into this? Thank you.


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Thanks, I really appreciate your help and the time you put into helping all us folks out here!

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I would like to associate myself with valM’s comment. Gene your help is very much appreciated.

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@Les & @ValM, how are you guys doing? Where you able to find your stations?

@Gene no, just checked now.

Can’t see mine WX27175

Hey all, I’m not smart enough to figure out how to get my new PWS to show up in the Rachio settings (android app or website). I’ve added it to the PWS and WU networks. It sounds like there’s an additional step that I can’t quite figure out though. If anyone can shed some light, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

There is an existing issue that Rachio is having with their original provider, AerisWeather, this issue effects Rachio’s ability to search for new stations. Rachio support is aware of this issue and working with AerisWeather to resolve it, but there is currently no ETA for the fix.

Check back tomorrow. If the issue is unresolved, I will try to provide a workaround.


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