Add Weather Underground Station

New R3 user here. Looking to use station KMOJEFFE49 but it’s not showing up in the app. The station was added on Monday so perhaps it’s too soon.

BTW, I’m loving the Rachio 3 after coming from both a Smartenit and a late 90’s Hunter controller.

Usually it takes a few days to see a new WU station within Rachio

That being said, it is Friday, so enough time should have passed. May I ask how you are searching for your station? By default Gen 3 controller will automatically choose the best station / aggregate and make changes when issues are detected. Have you switched to a manual / single station mode within Rachio software?

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I go to More > Weather Intelligence Plus > Weather Data Source > Weather Station in the Android app. Is that the correct place?

Not having an android phone, I can’t confirm for sure, but it does sound right. You can also try their web interface:

Look for Weather Intelligence Plus on the left after signing in > Weather Network > Weather Station

It is also a good idea to verify that location of your station is accurate, as seen here:

Station location is accurate. I’ll try the web interface when I get home. Thanks.

I’ll tag @rachiosupport to this conversation, doesn’t hurt to have them take a look :wink:

For the Rachio 3, if I choose Weather Network instead of Weather Station will it still use the rain total from my PWS since it’s the closest or will the rain total be extrapolated instead?

If you don’t see the station by Monday I will have the team reach out to WU.

Extrapolated. My recommendation is to use the closest accurate station :wink:


The station hasn’t appeared yet. Thanks for your help with this.

I’ve reached out to IBM WU, will let you know what their response is.


Thank you.

This response in the Netatmo thread got me thinking that perhaps my station isn’t being picked up because I listed it as “other” in Weather Underground. It’s actually an Acurite 5-in-1 with a Meteobridge so I changed it in Weather Underground to an Acurite Pro Weather Center. We’ll see if that makes a difference.

Station is now showing! Thanks!


Hello franz,

My station has been online for several days now and hasn’t appeared on the Rachio map. Would you mention my station to IBM?

Thank you.

I had the team reach out to IBM and send your station along.


Thank you franz and team.

Hi franz,

As of this morning my station doesn’t appear on the Edit Weather Station list. I signed up at PWSweather and began transmitting data to PWS and AerisWeather yesterday.

I enabled Wind Skip on one zone earlier this week. Due to local forecasts, this zone has been skipped everyday since. Connecting the weather station’s wind sensor will hopefully re-automate irrigation in that zone. Perhaps a monitor to recheck conditions hourly and slip instead of skip schedules.


A freeze skip was applied today. I checked conditions reported by closest weather station, mine hasn’t appear in the list yet, and it indicated 42 degrees. I’m wondering if I’ve incorrectly configured the Weather Intelligence settings for monitoring a specific weather station. Has anyone else experienced this?

@garyk For wind and temperature skips we use a hourly forecast based on your geolocation. We don’t actually use the chosen station since we need to have this information before we make our decisions. Hope this helps.


OK. My geolocation hasn’t been hyper-local enough to accurately manage wind and temperature skips. Now that my weather station is available, thank you, what schedule options should I use to take best advantage of on-site data?