Add NetBIOS/hostname for easier identification

It would be great if the device could set a NetBIOS/hostname so it would be easier to identify it in router device lists.

Especially since the MAC address for the WiFi adapter belongs to your parts supplier/importer rather than Rachio itself!

Thanks for the feedback @boarder2!

Do you have difficulty finding your controller in your router device list? Do you often view this list? Just curious about the context of viewing the device in your router list :slight_smile:

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It’s definitely difficult if you don’t think to look for the MAC address. Which would kind of be a pain in the butt to do for all your devices, especially with everything and the toaster wanting to be connected to the Internet these days.

I wouldn’t say I look at my router device list often, but when I do it’s nice to have friendly names to look at!

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Tell me more about this IoT toaster, and take my money :wink:



@boarder2 Understood! Also, I can definitely see as homes get more and more connected (ie toaster), this will become more and more difficult. Thank you for that context!

PS @franz @boarder2-

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This is a very helpful suggestion (add NetBIOS/hostname to Rachio). Especially when you are setting up security at the router for specific items only (like your son’s friends laptop) - it gets tough to figure out what’s what.

Here’s some more context:

In my house, all of these have either a dynamic or fixed LAN IP address:
4 thermostats (Internet appliances, port forwarding)
2 printers (2 MAC addresses each)
2 real time home automation processing units (Internet appliances, port forwarding)
1 fire/security system
1 Xbox (multiple MAC addresses, port forwarding)
1 Smart TV (multiple MAC addresses)
1 Playstation (multiple MAC addresses, port forwarding)
1 Access Point
5 laptops (2 MAC addresses each)
4 cell phones
2 hot water heaters (Internet appliances)
2 health products (scale, BP)
1 irrigation controller (Rachio)
1 Amazon Alexa controller

This is at least 30 MAC addresses. And I believe this is closer to someone’s typical list than someone’s unusual list.

I’d like to encourage you to seriously consider this user’s request. While the toaster’s not on my list it probably will be as time moves forward!

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I was all set to buy the toaster after seeing McKynzee’s post. I do educational tours where I showcase all sorts of stuff, like the Rachio controller, real time home automation, solar PV, geothermal HVAC, and other subjects. I was looking forward to adding the toaster to the tour.

But, it’s a more cost effective connection (Blue Tooth) for the toaster, not a WiFi connection. So there’s no IP address. And we can’t thus discuss if it’s a ‘controlled by a cloud server’ (like Rachio) or if it’s an Internet Appliance that has a tiny Web server in it that can be directly controlled locally.

Don’t laugh. It’s coming. It wouldn’t surprise me if some company’s washing machine and dryer products are actually Ethernet or WiFi connected by now. Heck, my hot water heaters (Rheem) have IP addresses now, and, they’re Internet appliance architecture to connect locally to!

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I’m waiting for the day I can tell Alexa to cook my breakfast… Alexa, make eggs and bacon, please!



You can download ‘Fing’ from the appstore and scan your network for all connected devices. Rachio will show up as ‘electric imp,’ . Name that ‘Rachio’ and you are all set.

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That highlights the problem. Even the MAC address doesn’t come back as being a Rachio device.

From a general end user perspective, it’s not a very good experience. For those of us with technical experience we can figure it out by looking at the MAC in the site and matching it, but for most people that’s just going to be confusing.

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Odd. My Ubiquiti Security gateway recognizes my Rachio.


My Ubiquiti Security Gateway does too. Didn’t have to manually give it a description like I did several other of the devices on my network.

Interesting. Here’s what mine looks like.

I’m using a different router firmware than when I originally posted this, which appears to look up the MAC owner and provide that if the hostname isn’t specified.

Perhaps this is something that changed in later hardware revisions? I believe I have a gen 1 device.

Ah, mine’s a Gen 2. Wonder if that is the difference?

@Boarder2 & @aristobrat - here’s the post where @franz mentions Gen 1’s are connected using Electric Imp -> Iro goes offline every time a schedule starts

So yes, probably a Gen 1 vs Gen 2 difference.


Cool, good to know!