Iro goes offline every time a schedule starts

So it does look like inbound requests are working to the device and it will run things correctly. Outbound requests (i.e. telling us a zone is running, etc.) look like they might be having an issue. I’ve opened a ticket with our 3rd party WiFi provider to determine what is happening. As far as I know it’s an issue on their servers. So you should be fine to run zones, etc, there just wont be instant feedback. I’ll ping you as soon as we have an answer.


Ok, but it didn’t run any of my schedules this morning. The “history” in the app says it did, but nothing ran.

Ok thanks, I’ve sent all this information along, as soon as I hear back will let you know.

For morbid curiosity, does it happen if you manuall activate a zone?

At lest somewhat similar wonky behavior two days. In my case, WAN schedule reported a zone did NOT skip (had a higher rain threshold than some others that did) but then watering history did not show it actually ran. Emailed support and they reported back that the schedule info was in error. Zone should have updated to skipped but there was a comm error.

System looks good now, working with 3rd party WiFi provider for root cause.

Please let us know if you have any other issues. Thanks for your patience.

@franz - I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “Third Party WiFi provider” What wifi? Where do you deal with wifi other than my own wifi in my house?

Also, last night when I was trying to debug, I tried to start a manual 1min watering of one of my zones. The system thinks it’s still watering that zone (it’s not). And no amount of me clicking stop makes this go away,

The gen 1 devices are connected to your WiFi with a technology called the Electric Imp.

I believe this was due to the state of the device where it could not send outbound messages.

Everything should look great now.


Ok Thanks, now that’s back. What did you do to my history??

It is still there, assuming you are on the web?, I would just do a refresh.

Weird - show up in phone app but not on web.


Sometimes you have to give the graph a really long time to do whatever it is doing under the covers. It will normally eventually fill in. Also, sometimes it will show an oddball month with some kind of crazy looking stuff, but again give it time and it will fill in. At least that is my experience with it.

Yes, some data doesn’t get resolved and normalized this that night, if I recall correctly

I have a similar problem that is frustrating. I can manually run zones, but as soon as my schedule starts, it shows ‘Offline’ but the schedule does seem to run. I get notifications when the schedule is delayed due to rain or other factors, but as soon as it’s scheduled, the app shows the device offline (but I can ping it and it shows active in my router) and it doesn’t catalog the event. Shows the last time it ran was 4/13, but it did go this morning. I have done everything listed in the troubleshooting steps but to no avail. It began happening after 4/13 but before the latest iOS app update. I have a Gen 1 device and within 30 feet of my router.

Below is a screen of the last two manual device power cycles when the schedule was supposed to run. Device was working nominally and then went offline when the schedule was supposed to run. It appears that the zones were watered, but was not captured, and I had to power cycle device to have it show online in the app and web. No scheduled times ran between these two due to current rain and climate conditions that forced them to be skipped as advertised.

I have also experienced a similar problem this morning on my Generation 1. My system skipped watering this AM because decided to do a “Climate Skip” but I wanted to water my grass anyway so started the Schedule manually - the system indicates that it started but it didn’t - I tried this a couple of times from the mobile and web app without success. Each time the software acted as if everything was operating correctly but the controller did not activate the zones. I also tried to turn on a single zone manually - this didn’t work either. Again, the system said the zone was on and watering, but it wasn’t. Everything was operating properly this weekend both scheduled and via manual Zone initiation. Monday AM it stopped working. Seems like a software glitch caused by the “Climate Skip”.

@franz - something is seriously messed up with your system. Same thing AGAIN. Schedule tries to start - Iro (Gen 1) immediately goes offline, and nothing happens. I just tried to manually run a schedule just a few min ago - had solid green light, pressed “run”, then Blue light came on for a second or so then immediately blinking red light. watering did not run.

My systems has missed several runs now and the only thing I CAN do is go manually turn on the valve.

I’m going to RMA the unit for you, it is still behaving strangely. We can ship one out tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience.


I’d like this thread not to become confusing, we rarely see an issue with the controller itself, it’s mostly due to wiring issues when the controller starts and goes offline.

In this one instance with @steve28 it does look like the controller is behaving strangely.

@NNMark I quickly had the team look at your controller and it appears fine. If you experience any other issues please let us know.


@franz So just in case it helps you guys debug this. At 7:30pm PDT today (4/26), I recorded my hub doing this. As you can see in the video it starts out with my Iro online an normal, I hit “Run Schedule”, the blue status light comes on, then red flashing light. Hub is then unreachable and no watering is occuring, the phone app thinks the schedule is running. If I let it sit for a LOOOONG time - like overnight - the hub will be back online. But rinse and repeat the next day.