83886.07" of Rain?

My Personal Weather Station just went into operation yesterday. I was gratified to see the 0.33" of rain that my PWS measured yesterday appear in Rachio yesterday, and today’s 0.02" is shown too. But now, I see, that Rachio is displaying 83886.7" of rain for yesterday. Obviously forcing yesterday to 110% moisture on all my zones. I’ve confirmed on my unit using its display, on MyAcuRite and on Weather Underground, the correct amount of rain is shown (MyAcuRite also shows about 3" of testing “rain” earlier, which didn’t clear, but that’s it).

Any idea why, overnight, Rachio has somehow come up with well over a mile of rain? Any idea what the best way to correct the moisture might be (maybe mark it as Empty at some point)?

@franz, remember Zone not capturing weather station precipitation? This one is also very odd. Could something else be going on with the data collection?

Here’s a screen capture showing yesterday’s “flood”. Last night, it showed 0.33". Now:

Luckily, it looks like we’ll be getting some more rain today, so that should saturate it.

Apparently the problem is with Weather Underground. While yesterday, the day’s rain did show as 0.33", and on all the graphs it still does show 0.33" for yesterday, but on the Tabular information for yesterday, it now shows the erroneous value of 83886.07". Only in the one view. So, at least that’s where Rachio got it, so that’s good to be known. Now find out why WU thinks we had a flood here. I’m sure they’ll say it came from my AcuRite, but my AcuRite has no record of it.


Is this one of the signs of the apocalypse?@$%^


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Spoken like a man who has yet to begin construction on his ark! Remember your boy scout motto!

Lol, I guess this could also fall into the end of world prepper category!


It happened again! Weather Underground is showing 83,886.07 in of rain yesterday, while I had 0.01". I emailed them yesterday, and have again today. This doesn’t show up in my AcuRite display, nor on Acurite.com, just on WU.

Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? This has made my new weather station completely useless and unable to be used with Rachio.

Keep hounding WU. I will bet that it is their problem. I just looked at your station on WU, and both your graph AND your table for yesterday show up as .01" precip on WU — it’s only the Summary that picks up that bizarre number. And I guess that this shows that the summary for the day is what Rachio picks up. Is there any other way to contact WU besides email?

The only method they show is email, and the email confirmation you get back from them says “Our goal is to respond to all questions and concerns but due to volumes we may not be able to answer all inquiries.”

I feel it HAS to be them, as there is no such information on my local display nor on MyAcurite.com, and as you say, the daily graphs are right. But on the Weekly and Monthly, it picks up the 83k, which makes the thing useless. I’ve had to change my PWS to a nearby one instead of using my own PWS!

Looking at my new weather station and your new one, I see one difference. It’s an off chance, but it might be part of the problem. The 11:59pm recording for mine always shows the same precip as cumulative for the day. But yours is showing set back to 0 at 11:59pm. Seems odd. Could by any chance a clock be off somewhere? Or it would be a little work, but you could try taking the Access out of the configuration and just have one display send the data to WU (but I think you would lose your MyAcurite doing that – but might be worth it as a diagnostic test).

It also shows that odd number on the daily summary for Aug 6 and for Aug 8. But strangely enough, Aug 7 is fine.

It’s not ideal, but I can help keep your WU station updated by your myAcurite data. Normally the acurite hub updates both in parallel (sends WU updates each minute & acurite updates every 5). You’ll loose rapid updates within WU, but history & daily summaries will remain uneffected. If there is a bug within rapid updates which is causing issues, this is a workaround which may solve the issue.

PM me (link) if you are intersted in going this route. I’ll need your hub’s mac address & your WU station key. You will also need to disable updates from myacurite settings page.

I’ll also be able to turn on debug logging on the data we send WU on your behalf. If there is a temporary data issue which is filtered by Acurite, we’ll see it.

Right. August 6, besides being my wife’s and my anniversary, was the first day I set up the AcuRite station and connected to WU. I figured/hoped it was a setup problem, some bad data at first. But to have it repeat, the EXACT same ridiculous value, is disheartening.

And I guess there is no other method for connecting my Rachio to my PWS other than Weather Underground? I think that is the case, unfortunately. As someone else suggested, it would be nice to be able to enter, or edit, the daily rain used by Rachio, so even an industrious person with a manual rain gauge could enter or correct values.

Thanks so much, Gene, for helping me out. I’m not sure what he did, but Gene reprogrammed how WU is updated, and it should hopefully now eliminate the erroneous data. I found that if I change weather station, the rain for yesterday (but not for 8/6) is changed to that from the new station, so that puts Rachio inline with the rain we’ve had. I’ll wait another day, and change it back to my PWS on WU, which hopefully will not get the errors again.

I knew Gene set up all the PWS’s and lots of other stuff for so many, but consider what he’s done here way above and beyond what any other company would do, and appreciate it to no end.

While I’m at it, I’ll also compliment these excellent forums (yeah, I know it should be fora): In addition to a lot of very helpful people, so many associated with Rachio, the layout and operation of them is better than any others I’ve used. Being able to copy screen captures directly to a post was unheard of by me, and the Bot trainer coming on after making XX posts to teach some additional forum skills is incredible.



Yes, @Gene is a fantastic resource!!!

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FYI, for those with AcuRite systems, I think Gene is thinking that the problem may have been caused by me using Acurite Access, which updates MyAcurite.com, which in turn was set to update Weather Underground AND my Acurite Display, which was /also/ set to update Weather Underground. We’ve now disabled the second update from my display, and are hoping the problem will not resurface.

I (thought I) knew that having either AcuRite Acess, or their newest display with built-in AcuRite (but lower resolution) was necessary to update MyAcurite, which then updated WU. I did /not/ realize that any of their displays with wifi were capable of updating WU directly. I guess I didn’t ask quite /all/ the required questions on my recent chat with AcuRite.

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And THAT might explain the weird resetting to 0 at 11:59pm!

I’m SO confused. I have been trying to get my Acurite Atlas/Access to connect with WU as a PWS. Have established a station KTXLEWIS196, but can’t figure it out.
Maybe @Gene could help?

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It did it again! I had 0.31" of rain yesterday. My Acurite displays show that. Weather Underground shows on the Daily graph 0.31" of rain. But the total for the Day on WU is 83886.07"!

What’s also weird is PWSWeather an MyAcurite show the 0.31" until 7:04 PM, when it makes an instant jump to 1.19"! We had no rain yesterday evening. My manual rain gauge still shows around 0.3". And that jump is NOT picked up by WU’s graph.

So, everything picks up the REAL rain, then MyAcurite and PWSWeather picked up an additional .88" of rain which we did not have and does not show up on the Acurite displays, and WU somehow comes up with 83886.07" for the day, even though the graph says 0.31".

This is getting ridiculous. I wonder if Acurite has a forum I should be posting this on??