2.6 Software Release Testing - Bringing Flex Back

I wanted to let the community know we have started testing of our 2.6 software release.

The main focus of this release is adding flex schedule creation to our schedule wizard along with a couple minor flex changes.

Flex changes:

  • Water duration adjustment increments are now +/- 5% up to +/- 50%. Previously they were only +/- 25% up to +/- 50%.
  • End date for flex schedules

We will be sending this release out to beta testers some time next week and are shooting for an app store submittal as soon as testing is finished.

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I would be happy to be a beta tester. I think I am working with Software version 1.0.

Scott Mcgilvray

@Scott1 If you PM me your client (iOS/Android) and appropriate email for either Apple or Google I can add you to the list.



Not sure what PM means. My email address is [xxxxxxxxx]. I use Mac products, phone, and computer.


If you click on my name or image, it will allow you to private message me. I’ll message you out of this topic.


Hi Franz, Is monthly interval simliar to the as needed schedules?

@jkb It’s the same thing, we are trying to use better terminology that will help explain the different types.


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I do like how the UI will indicate the balance between savings and predictability. I’ll still use FLEX where I can, though.

Hi Franz, Travis from support sent me a link to this post. I’m happy to hear Flex Schedules are sticking around for a while. I was really enjoying them last season. I let Travis know I’m interested in being a beta tester and he said I should post on this thread.

Franz - I’d like to be an Android beta tester too but unfortunately when I click on your pic or name I have no option to PM you. Is there some amount of posts I need to do? I just joined…just to ask to be a beta tester since I am very interested in flex schedules.

I hope,I’m still on the list to get alpha beta in the zeta?

I love this. Looks like there is a schedule for just about everyone. Better for those with different watering restrictions, and Flex is not going away.:relaxed:


So glad Flex is staying! Thanks for listening to your fans :grin:
We don’t seem to have a “normal” weather pattern here in Southern California - One week it’s in the 60s, then the next week it’s in the 90s. Then foggy drizzle. I love that flex keeps up with that.


I am a bit lost now with this new version bringing back flex schedules. I have not yet changed anything and I am still on my old flex schedules. Now I can see there are two flexible, one monthly and one daily. What is the difference? I remember that the water as needed was supposed to have a feature that looks into historic data for example.

What is the difference between my old flex schedules and the two new one with version 2.6?

I’m glad Flex is coming back. I looked at “as needed” and didn’t (insofar as I could see) allow me to select days to not water. And the “specific days” mode seemed to want to water every selected day.

My goal, as a user, is to tell the Rachio about my yard, what days I don’t want it to water, and then walk away to enjoy my increasingly beautiful and water efficient yard. It can worry about soil moisture, next rain, weather, days it can’t water and come up with the optimum watering schedule. I just want a nice yard I don’t have to obsess over.


There is no difference. Version 2.6 brings back the ability to add new flex schedules.


Thanks for clarification Franz. What is the difference between the monthly and daily flex in Version 2.6? Does my old flex schedule also take into account historic data with the new version? Or should I migrate to one of the new flex schedules?

One time, monthly adjustments (new interval each month) versus a completely dynamic daily watering model (daily flex).

It doesn’t need to since it adjusts daily based on real time weather.

Flex schedules have not changed, if they were working for you I would continue to use them. If you want more predictability with less fine tuning, the flexible monthly schedule is an option (in our last release we called it water as needed).


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What about Pump inhibit per Zone!!! Promised long ago!