2.6 Software Release Testing - Bringing Flex Back

The 2.6 software was submitted to the iOS App store for approval on Friday May 27th.

Expecting approval sometime next week. We will then release the Webapp and Android on the same day.


Interesting. I don’t see either of this option (“Choose a Schedule Type”) after updating my app to 2.6 on my iPhone 6. I also don’t see any of the items you mention on the email you sent me. Nor does the app on my MacBookPro have any of these options. What is up?

Try now

@wildpony, can you email screenshots of what you’re seeing? I just checked and am seeing the expected screens:

From the “Edit Watering Schedule” on the Dashboard, this screen will appear:

Then tap on the “+” icon in the upper right hand corner to get this screen:

Please note, the flow has changed a bit in 2.6; you’ll select the schedule type first, then the zones to run in that schedule. For details, please see this support article.

I hope this helps. If you’re seeing anything different, please email us screenshots and we’ll try to replicate on your account.

Thanks, Emil

I think there was a delay, the App Store showed the screenshots, and the app updated, but was no there. I checked 5 minutes later and it updated again and all is well for me now.

Hi Emil,

This is the screenshot from my MacBookPro, running OS X 10.11.5

I don’t see either my MacBookPro or my iPhone the three items listed below the calendar.

On another note, is there a way to add my own picture of the particular stations to the calendar? It would be nice to see what I have on my property instead of seeing a generic out of focus picture. Just curious.


Thanks @wildpony – looks like you’re using the web app on both your MacBook and iPhone? We’re looking into this.

Yes, but you’ll need to do this from the mobile app. From the Dashboard, go to the My Yard Card, select the zone you want to edit, then either use your camera to take a photo (left icon) or use one from your photo library (right icon)

Perhaps this is a dumb question but I notice that the “Water As Needed” schedule lists Weather Intelligence that can be selected with options of Climate, rain, and freeze skip. I don’t see this listed in the newly revived “Flexible Daily” schedule as an option? I suppose it has these enabled by default due to the nature of the flex daily, but its just not very clear.

When I switched to the water as needed schedule (when flex was to be eliminated) it would notify me when watering would be skipped due to weather, will the newish flexible daily do the same?

no, flex will just respect the fact that your moisture is above mad and do nothing, the following days of et would most likely force it to run as usual.

something to keep in mind with flex daily, it never has any set day to run (you can set up a restriction, but that is different), it is completely reactive, it either needs to run to replenish moisture or not run because everything is a.o.k.

But it is taking weather into account to calculate the moisture correct?

oh yea, absolutely, its just not available to control because the entire model would fall apart if any of those data vectors were disabled.

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Makes sense. Thanks for the clarification. :beers:

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