2.0 submitted to Apple for beta approval

We submitted the app to Apple for Beta approval.

Hopefully by tomorrow (or when Apple says ‘yes’) we can start shipping out to beta customers, and then get into app store after quick beta feedback.



Sweet, we can get this out tomorrow.


Great news . And now for a little anticipation. Test On. :smile:

When will see something for Android?

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Yay! Congrats and can’t wait!

How can I get on the beta list?

@emil is managing that, but I’m pretty sure we have enough candidates, thanks for volunteering!


@Kolraw Busy cranking away on Android, hopefully beta soon for that as well.

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@franz - are we there yet? :wink:

Beta going out today, w00t.

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Woohoo! @franz - those lucky few suckers… I mean, testers (oops, a slip up) - whoever they are - will the beta app be distributed through TestFlight for iOS devices?

Yes :beers:

in that case, if i’m one of the few, i’m ready to go! I already use test flight to test for another software developer. :smile:

Still waiting for test flight invite…

Ditto… :grinning:

Everyone who is in the beta program should receive an email tonight. 2.0.0 Build 11.



Just got my e-mail from Apple. Setting up my flex schedule as I type this. So far, I’m loving the look of the updated app. Thanks!

w00t w00t.

Please check out photo uploads, choosing weather station, remote, history feed, etc.

Also, on flex schedules mess around with changing runtimes, etc (more/less). We spent an incredible amount of time obfuscating the complexity around modifying runtimes. I think you’ll like the transparency the app gives in predicting flex schedule runs using forecasts (no one else does this because it is really hard).

There are outstanding, known defects, but that is what Betas are for :smile:


Please install the 2.0.0 11 Build. The 2.0.0 7 Build email you would have received is an old build.


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For feedback, please fill out this form. We’re asking that feedback to not be posted on the community until the beta testing is completed. Thank you in advance for your support and assistance.

As @franz mentioned, please test the major new features, including but not limited to: zone photo uploads, choosing you own weather station, remote control (replaces the old “play button”, history feed, and flex schedules.