2.0 Preview - Flexible Schedules

We’ve talked a lot about this topic and we are finally getting ready to release it.

Flex schedules will modify your watering frequency throughout the year, promoting root growth, reducing overall watering frequency, while building a healthier, more drought tolerant landscape.


I have my Iro at home ready to be installed. Should I wait until 2.0 is released to install it?

@mflinn I don’t see any reason to wait, especially if you want to start using it on your lawn, it still works great without this software release.

2.0 will just make it better :smile:

I set up my Iro last night and I’ve never been more excited about irrigation in my life. After setting up all 16 zones, the suggested schedule was to water 10.5 hrs during the day, every 3 days starting at 5:00 am. I have a well and children. I would prefer not to water during the day when the kids are playing in the yard and we need the water pressure to shower. Any thoughts on how to handle this? Can I water 1/2 the yard one day, 1/2 the yard the following day and start at midnight? I know I’m not your typical customer since I have a well and 23k of lawn and shrubs to water, but any advice would be appreciated. Also, I delay between zones would be appreciated for the well users out there!

Hi @mflinn, good morning. Thanks for reaching out. Great questions, answers below:

As you mentioned, we can setup a few different watering times to support your lawn’s (and schedule’s) needs.

Certainly, we just need to setup additional watering times. For tips on how to do this, please see Watering Time Setup and/or Watering Time Features (#3)

Wow! We’d love to see a photo :smiley: …in my prior life, I use to run a lawn & landscape business; your lawn sounds like a landscaper’s dream!

This is in our back log. We hope to be able to support it sooner than later, but I cannot promise any timelines at this time.

dude, install it, fire it up, live like a king until your castle gets expanded later this month.

@plainsane Love it!

@franz …maybe this should be our new tag line :wink:

This sounds like an awesome feature, and I’d love to use it. Can the parameters be constrained? Our water restrictions only allow us to water on particular days. I’d love to constrain Flex Schedule’s watering opportunities to Tuesdays and Fridays, such that:

“if the lawn needs water, irrigate next Tuesday/Friday” and
"if the lawn doesn’t need water, skip next Tuesday/Friday"

Is that a possibility, or should I plan on staying on Fixed? Thanks!

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@pixelknave Yes, you can add positive restrictions (only water, if needed, on certain days).

Flex schedules work best with no restrictions, but definitely understand municipality based watering days.


Contrary to what @plainsane said, I divided my 16 zones into 3 areas based on similar watering needs and total run time. Just firing it up left me with the issue I outlined above. Seems to be going very well and I’m a happy camper.

im incorrect far more often than im correct. im glad it’s working for you, im trying to spread out my watering as much as possible to take advantage of the frequent pop ups we get.

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