1 yr trouble free, now controller offline is the norm

I’ve seen other reports of this; now it has hit me. Same WiFi, same location of access points, same location of Rachio 3. After one year trouble free; now, more than half the time, going into the app shows “controller offline”.

It comes and goes. I went through trouble shooting, picked #2 is blinking and performed a reset of Rachio’s WiFi (as suggested). No help. Connectivity still comes and goes.

The only thing new is iOS 13 on my iPad and iPhone. Would tech support please have a look? Also, would you send my controller the -630 firmware?

Anyone? Is this related to the HomeKit issue?

I had the team send the newer firmware version. If tomorrow still experiencing issues we can look into any networking issues your controller might be having.


The 630 firmware seems to have done the trick. I’ve been checking frequently and the controller has been online every time.

Thanks for your help, @franz!

Ok great, glad to hear that. New controllers get that firmware automatically, unfortunately this is somewhat of a random issue with HomeKit.