Zones Won’t Turn On After Install

I just installed my 16 zone gen 2 with relative ease. I copied the wiring that my previous Hunter had (system was working, Home is 1 year old). However the sprinkler system will not work, whether through quick run in the App or manually at the control unit.

I have reset my WiFi and redone the wire connections and everything’s tight. Would love some assistance! Please and thank you.

Quick observation— there were three white wires. Maybe the 3rd wire that is missing from the new controller is a Common wire? One of the white wires used to be in the Sen port of the old controller so that wire maybe inadvertently be in a Rachio common port.

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Those wires go to the Hunter wireless rain sensor. Do you all think I should hook that back up?

I don’t know how those work. If they keep circuits closed when not triggered then they may be needed to complete the circuit. I’ll let the experts take over from here.

I’d double check the sprinkler box and make sure the common wires are all correctly spliced & connected.

Do you have a master valve on the system? Seems you have a red wire connected to the “P” terminal on the Hunter, which is the terminal for a master valve. You will need to connect that to the “M” terminal of the Rachio (I believe you have that in the “SP” terminal now). Once connected right, you will need to tell Rachio that you are utilizing a master valve so that it can turn that on with each zone.


I do! Let me try that tonight and let you all know thanks very much!

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As for the Wireless sensor, you could hook that back up once we confirm the system runs correctly without it installed.

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I swapped the wires as you said and it worked thanks so much!


Now the fun begins!