Zones with grass and shrubs

I have zones that have grass and flowers and zones with grass and shrubs. When setting the zones, it does not allow me to choose grass and shrubs or grass and flowers. I do not want to over water the grass but I do not also want to under water the shrubs or flowers. How do I address this issue?

Choosing grass is really the only option with a mixed zone like this. Setting grass sprinklers to shrubs or annuals could waste a lot of water and could cause disease in the lawn. You’ll have to monitor and hope the shrubs and annuals get enough water. Something is going to get unhappy with mixed zones. You may need supplemental hand watering for shrubs. Annuals are most likely to be ok. Long term, plumbing the shrubs and plumbing the annuals on their own zones is highly recommended for overall plant health and water conservation.

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