Zones will not stop or change


Rachio legacy device user here for many years. Unit seems to be having issues with new versions of the iPhone App.

This is an intermittent problem. Basically, the zones will not stop or move on unless manually stopped on app. Scheduled runs will not go past zone 1 and will stay on unless manually shut off…indefinitely at times. Sometimes a quick run of any zone will just hang with the time showing zero and controller will indicate “Watering” unless the stop button is activated. For example, this morning my zone 1 (of six zones) ran for 56 minutes (set for 4 minutes) and just kept running until I shut if off through the app.

This does not appear to be a stuck valve issue. The software is basically keeping the valves open until the service is stopped at the app level.

I’ve power cycled the Rachio unit and upgraded to the latest version.