Zones suddenly no longer activating

Good Morning Everyone,

I have a Rachio Gen 2 Smart Sprinkler Controller with 5 total zones. I winterized the system and now activated it again. Everything was working perfectly besides one valve leaking (zone 5). I switched it out for a new one and connected everything together. After the fix, I started checking all the zones again, but after zone 2, suddenly not a single zone would turn on. Manually all valves/zones work perfectly but I cannot turn them on through the app or manually at the rachio controller. I have a MM and checked the ohms on the solenoid, everyone works perfectly. I am suspecting the rachio controller is not sending any power through the cable. I tried my MM from common wire to any zone and I am not getting any readings. I reset my rachio twice and still cannot activate any of the zones.

Thanks in advanced,