Zones start but wont stop

Just got this from my buddy as he owed me some favors. The setup was easy and it’s running fine. The only issue is no zone will stop! I have 4 zones and a common, that’s it. Each zone starts correctly either manually or scheduled, but if I say stop, the app says ok it’s stopped,but the water continues.

I can stop it by pulling the plug on the device and then were fine. The only thing I will mention (and unless they know it’s a fact, dont assume) is that I didn’t have the power supply, so I had to use one I had. It’s a 12v where I know the original is a 24. The Orbit I had was a 24, but that get’s hard wired in. Now, I have the correct female and the 24v power from orbit, I assume I could cut that other end off, splice, but before I go crazy, is there anything else I should look at / try?


@lanceraymond If I understand your post, you’re saying that you’re plugging in a 12V transformer into the Rachio when it requires 24V ? If so, I highly recommend you stop! Be careful in the power supply you use or you can create permanent damage. You need to make sure that whatever power supply you use can supply the right voltage, of matched power type (AC or DC), and match the minimum current required by the unit.


Yea, well ironically that was the issue. I used the Orbit transformer (as the voltage / amps matched) and just needed to wire up the adapter to connect, so all is well, so far so good :slight_smile:


Is it possible what you are experiencing is the cycle and soak feature of Rachio’s scheduling? For example, if you have clay soil, the intake rate of the soIL is very low, so the controller waters a few minutes an then moves on to the next zone, coming back to zones and repeating until the total run time minutes are completed. With standard controllers sometimes homeowners inadvertently enter multiple programs with multiple run times. I don’t think this is possible with Rachio, but maybe I am wrong. Maybe the folks at Rachio cam confirm this.

I thought the transformer converts the power to 12 volt, since irrigation controllers are low voltage.

@robertokc 24V is also considered low voltage, since it’s being stepped way down from 120V. My landscape lighting has one old and one newer transformer. One is a12V system but the other is 24V.

Thanks for the good feedback. Not only is it working, but using the correct voltage :slight_smile:

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