Zones on App showing not scheduled; Website shows watered today but did not

I just checked my Rachio app and it shows that all but one of my zones are not scheduled. It also indicates that it watered today, but it did not.

I checked on the web, and it also shows it watered today on the calendar (but not in the activity or watering history), that all those zones are 100% full and that it will water again after June 5. It also shows no water usage at all in May.

Any ideas?

Are you,running a flex schedule?

Yes, running flex.

All the zones in question ran this morning and it seemed to undo in the process the faulty data from thinking it watered yesterday when it did not. Seems to be normal for now. Let’s hope it was just a one time glitch.

That is how it works with flex. It’s a prediction for what it will do, it can get confusing but next time post a picture so I can point out something

Take a look at [Watering not being logged - kind of] (Watering not being logged - kind of). This is a pretty good description of most likely what you saw.

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