Zones not showing within app or web app

I have 3 zones on a fixed schedule. when the schedule runs I can’t see which zone are running within iOS app or web app this behavior happen twice

The only way I can tell which zone are running is if I go in the history tab I try to sign out and signed back in to see if that fixed the problem or pull down within the app and it didn’t fixed it.

Thanks :pray:

I’ve the same behavior but I can’t remember if I’m actually supposed to see the watering progress bar and pause button at the bottom of the screen during a running schedule. Anyway, I see “Watering” in the upper left status bar next to the update time and I see what is watering in history. This morning no progress bar appears and no way to pause if for some odd reason I needed to. This is happening across all iOS apps plus the web app.

Same here @Kubisuro it might be a bug with the iOS app or something going on when the schedule is running I see “ watering” in the upper left status but I can’t see which zones are running no progress bar at the bottom and the web app something odd is happening.

@Anthony Thanks for reporting this issue. We are now looking into it.