Zones disappeared from app

Contractors re-used two zones but now the zones no longer appear in my zone list. This is the list viewed when selecting “ZONES” on the bottom of the app’s home page. It’s not that the zones are disabled, they simply do not appear to be enabled or disabled. How can I restore them?

I’m using a gen-2 version of the controller, model # 16ZULW-B.
Am running Rachio App 3.0+ on a Galaxy S7, Android version 8.0.0.

Originally, I had zones 1 - 12 setup, but now zones 7, 8, and 10 are missing from my zones list. The two that were reused by the contractors are 7 and 8. Zone 10 just disappeared. Don’t know why.


Try tapping the button in the top right on the zones tab and tap to show disabled zones. It looks like you’ve got a 16 zone controller but some zones are disabled. If you still don’t see your zones when the “show disabled” option is on, we can look further to see if it’s a layout issue with the app.


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Why did you use your phone to research this? Anything on a mobile phone has to accommodate the tiny screen and lack of physical keyboard. This results in cryptic icons, multilevel menus and lots of scrolling.

On your computer, you’d see something like this:

It’s very unlikely that you would have missed the Show Disabled button at the top of the screen. Upon pressing it, you would have seen something like:

A layout issue would also be very unlikely, as all the zones are visible at once.

If you still have trouble, please post a screenshot.

I had the same problem and I went into the Google Play Store and updated the app on my phone. Now, instead of “Zones” at the bottom it has a little “irrigation” button. Click on that and your zones will hopefully be back. Mine were.