Zones aren't watering evenly

Hi all.

I’ve got several zones set up, but specifically front and back yard zones, both grasses. They are set up exactly the same, same moisture levels (4%). The back yard is thriving, and the front yard is looking sad, dry and dead.

It’s due to water on Tuesday, and I checked the watering cycle, and the back yard is watering for twice as long (8 minutes for front yard, 16 minutes for backyard).

The zones both have identical settings, but the front isn’t watering as much and it’s showing with the soil. How can I fix it?

@Columnmn - without more information members of the community won’t have enough information to assist.

I’d recommend:

  1. Posting screen prints of all the settings for the front and back yard as there could be different impacts based on the chosen schedule - fixed, monthly flex or flex.
  2. Posting pictures of the front and back yard.
  3. Doing a catch cup test to see how much water the sprinklers are actually putting on the yard.

If the schedule is fixed (again a guess) and changes were made after the initial setup for a zone, then those changes aren’t reflected in the actual settings (I believe). Therefore, I’d recreate those zones from scratch with the correct settings.

You can also contact Rachio support (email or schedule a call) and they can look at your settings.

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@Columnmn are they rotor or spray zones?

Do both zones have the same kinds of heads and nozzles?

Look at your app zone characteristics for both, closely. I’ve found several customers who have set up their own zones, sometimes miss one setting and it changes the water duration for identical zones.


I’ve got the same issue… Its a pain because when you have 4 zones for the front yard you get the system wanting to water the zones on different days for the front… I’ve asked them to allows us to do groups so you can force zones into being treated to water at the same time.

Do you have the square footage for each zone entered in as well? What about sun/shade?

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Are the app zone characteristics exactly the same?

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I think the weather adjustments just modify your base number of minutes up or down. Likely those a not set the same. This could occur if the zones were added at different times. Go in and set the minutes to match.

Sorry for the late reply.

I fixed the issue, I went into advanced settings, and fiddled until they were different settings, but watering the same. The efficiency setting did the trick.

Still not sure why it happened in the first place, they were all set up on the same day, and exact same settings.