Zone with mixed plants and mixed in ground/pots

Hello All. I am very newbie - Rachio and Irrigation in general.
One question for now:

  • One of my zones has many different kind of plants: Small trees, roses, some vine plants, pots with small flowers and big pots with Japanese Maple… etc.
  • All plants have drippers with different flow rates
    What would be the best setting for this zone?
    Thank you.

@sunny is the resident expert on such matters, especially when dealing with pots.

I guess the question is what are the different GPH’s?

This is not a new installation correct?
You, had another controller with a fixed schedule you previously used, and that worked for you?


Yes, I had a regular one ("Rain Dial) and it was OK. I had 12-15 min - Tuesday and Friday. I can do the same with Rachio-3 but I’l like to make it “Smart” :slight_smile:

Did you have Climate Logic installed with your Irritrol Rain Dial?

Did you have Smrt link installed?

What do you expect from Rachio Gen 3 and What does “make it Smart”
mean to you?