Zone with misters and drip emitters

I have a zone that has misters that water perennial beds. In the same zone, there are also emitters that are watering flower pots containing annuals on my patio. It is set to Flex Monthly currently, on a schedule by itself. I have the zone setup with emitter as the head type, but I don’t think the annuals are getting enough water, while the perennials are getting plenty. Any suggestions on this setup?

In a perfect rachio world, these would be 2 separate zones.

One suggestion could be to add emitters feeding the annuals so more water gets to them. You could also change out the existing emitters for emitters with a higher GPM.


@johnny2678 is correct. Technically it should be 2 zones irrigating but since it isn’t, I would figure out which section is most cost effective to make it match the other one. I would favor the drip emmiters over misters on any day of the week since you have more control over the flow rate.

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