Zone Wiring issue

On my previous controller (Hunter Pro-C), the wiring for zone 4 & 5 was for some reason connected together via wire nut. It worked but when I tried to do the same thing with my Rachio 3, both zones come on at the same time. So I disconnect zone 5, and they still both come on at the same time.

Any thoughts from the group?

@ThatGuy - what is cut off at the bottom of the picture appears to be an Add-A-Zone device:

They are normally put in to deal with a broken wire where the location can’t be determined. Therefore zone 4 and 5 are not wire nutted together, but are connected to the Add-A-Module. There should be a corresponding device out in the field.

Can pictures of the current Rachio wiring be posted?

I’d hook Rachio with the Add-A-Zone module just like it was in the Hunter.

Thank you for the quick response. See the attached image.

@ThatGuy - it looks like the Add-A-Zone device is missing. Wire the Rachio like the Hunter was wired and I think it will work.

That did the trick. Thank you very much for the help!

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