Zone will not turn off

I have a Rachio 3 which I purchased last year. IT worked great. At the end of the season the lines were drained and the system was put in standby mode. I had someone come and turn the system on, check the heads, etc. It is a 4 zone system.

Problem zone 4 came on immediately when water was turned on. It went off briefly after a few minutes. We then turned on zone 2 and zone 4 also came on. Both running at same time. Zone 4 stayed on the entire time as we worked zone 1 and 3. One hour later zone 4 remained on. I unplugged the unit with no change. I had to turn the water off at the street to get it to stop.

I checked the schedule and the system is not scheduled to run until tomorrow. I looked at the quick run and don’ t see zone 4 active

The person who maintains my system said I was his only customer who used the Rachio. He thinks it is a software issue and not a wiring issue. I highly recommended it before we discovered this issue.

Are you saying that zone 4 stays on all the time even with the controller unplugged and the only time it stops is if you shut the water off at the street? If so, it sounds like a problem with the valve. I would first check to make sure the bleeder is turned off, which usually is making sure the solenoid is turned all the way clockwise (sometimes a small bleeder knob is separate from the solenoid). If that is all good, I believe the diaphragm might be dirty or torn. They are pretty easy to get into to clean or rebuild.

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That is correct zone 4 stays on even after unplugging the unit. I had to turn the water off at the street to get it to stop. I will have someone check on you recommendation and let you know. thanks

Good to know . . . without power to the controller, no power is sent to the valve. Consequently, I do not see how it would be possible for it to be a software issue or really even a wiring issue. If you need help with looking at the valve, post a picture of the offending valve with the brand & model, if you know it. We probably can find a video on it.

This isn’t an issue with Rachio at all. The valve has failed and needs to be repaired/replaced. Usually in a case like this, it is the diaphragm that has failed, but could also be a failed solenoid.

I turned off the unit and the water. Then I turned the water on and the zone 4 came back. I talked with the person who maintains my system and he will be replacing the diaphragm. Thanks for the help.