Zone Waters Every 3.5 Days?

Although this is for a Disabled schedule, I got a message today that:

In August, this schedule ran every 3.5 days for 1 hour 27 minutes. In September, this schedule will run every 3.5 days for 1 hour 14 minutes.

I was not aware that Flex Monthly schedules ran to half day frequencies. I assume this means it will run after 4 days, then 3 day, then 4, 3, etc.? I’m sure it wouldn’t change the starting time to be 12 hours later. Anyhow, good feature I think.

But - while this is spelled out very nicely in the email I got, the specifics appear nowhere else that I see. AND when you make or change a Flex Monthly schedule, I don’t see that it TELLS you how often it will water; you have to look at the calendar, click on each day watering occurs, to try to find how how often it occurs, and I would have never guessed every 3.5 days.

Could this be added to the results or display of the Flex Monthly schedule, so when you’re given the times, you also know the frequency? It would come in very handy!