Zone stuck on and nothing I do will turn it off

Yes I have read the other users messages on this topic and nothing works after several hours of this zone in the on position. After the Gen 2 worked successfully for a week and now this! I have had to shut off the water supply to the entire house. Product support is gone for the day…but I bet I know what they will say when I call first thing tomorrow.

Yep the $25 rainbird contractor special worked fine for 10 years with no issues. After “upgrading” the problems begin.

If physically unplugging the power cable from your Rachio has not helped, it sounds like a problem is with a zone valve itself.

Possibly debris are preventing the valve from closing, or calcium (among other solids) has built up over the years. This is why it is often a good idea to have a backup, a master valve (though if master valve failed earlier, it may not be as apparent, so take any usefulness of such a backup with a grain of salt).

Overall I would recommend you check youtube on how to clean your particular valve model.
Hopefully you can fix it without needing a replacement.

Also please make sure that solenoid is fully screwed in, on the valve. It may have came loose, or a rubber gasket has worn out. If it is leaking air, the valve will not close.

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@Crapio like @Gene said, if you do unplug the device and it continues to water, this is most likely an issue with the valve being blocked/defective. Did you unplug the controller? If so, did that stop watering or no?

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