Zone soil moisture empty/fill released to Webapp


The Webapp now supports emptying or filling zone moisture levels. This will be available in Android this week and iOS after approval (sometime next week).

Note we adjust end of the day moisture level either full or empty on the previous day.


If you are way over 100%, you may have to click empty twice. It looks like it just tries to subtract up to 100% the first time. No big deal but that’s what I saw it do.

This is great.


Thanks for pointing that out :wink:



It looks to me more like “today’s” watering is not subtracted. I have zones that watered today. One, a pot drip system, was way over saturation. I “emptied” it and the graph went to empty for yesterday and jumped back to saturated on “today’s” watering even though I emptied it after it had watered. I emptied it multiple times. I guess that is what you said, but how do I “zero” out things in this case?

I guess I have to figure out why it thinks it watered enough to make it saturated again. I know from observing the plants that the watering is about right, any advice on “configuring” pots on a drip system?


We currently work off of yesterday for calculating empty/fill. It was becoming too hard to work off of today when we automatically incorporate forecasted flex fillups. So yes, a known limitation removing watering events from today. We will revisit the whole process, but it was going to take too much time to rebuild the whole forecast model. In our backlog and will get prioritized accordingly. Couldn’t justify the risk and time right now to rebuild everything for this edge case.


Adjusting Moisture Level Today Is Shown Yesterday?

Turns out “today” is UTC, so this is not such a problem any more for me here in California–the Iro moisture computation thinks it is tomorrow, so I can now zero it. Too bad for all the UK customers:(


I wish the world would switch over to utc. Life would be much simpler to the code whores out there